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Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak Called ‘Quantum Stealth’


Canadian Company Creates Invisibility Cloak Called ‘Quantum Stealth’

The future is here?

Soon, what seems impossible that comes from the books of Harry Potter will become a reality. The technology that we often see the mother ship of SHIELD in Avengers is actually being developed and is reaching an incredible level.

Canadian Company, HyperStealth Biotechnology is expertise in the field of military research, particularly in camouflage.

The material is able to distort things behind it, concealing the details of the target item hidden.

Lenticular lenses are used according to IFL Science and it bends light. Objects that are placed in the right position is concealed. Details are not exposed, but the CEO of HyperStealth Guy Cramer has filed 4 patents regarding the technology.

This technology relies on Snell’s Law. An easy way to describes how this works is similar to a spoon looks bent in a glass of water or how a pool’s bottom looks less deeper than it seems.

What amazing technology indeed.

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