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Cam Newton And GF Jasmin Brown Expecting Their First Child


Cam Newton And GF Jasmin Brown Expecting Their First Child

Cam Newton already has five kids with Kia Proctor and two with La Reina Shaw.

Jasmin Brown, also known as “Watch Jazzy,” and NFL quarterback Cam Newton are expecting their first child together! The couple took to social media to share their joy and reveal the news to their fans and followers. Jasmin’s baby bump picture and the announcement of her comedy tour, called the “Third Times a Charm Tour,” created quite a buzz. This tour name cleverly refers to the fact that Jasmin will be the third woman to have a child with Cam Newton.

Jasmin Brown announced that she and Cam Newton are expecting their first child together, using the hashtags #pregnancyannouncement, #mommytobe, and #milfgang.

Cam Newton And GF Jasmin Brown Expecting Their First Child

In the post on Instagram, Brown cradled her baby bump with one hand and held up three fingers with the other. Cam, a former Carolina Panthers quarterback, already has seven children from previous relationships. Despite some criticism from online trolls, he has been incredibly supportive of Jasmin throughout her pregnancy journey. In fact, the couple considers each other best friends and does almost everything together, even going to the bathroom!

Jasmin Brown, a stand-up comedian, has been making waves in the comedy scene. Her announcement of the pregnancy came with a poster for her upcoming comedy tour, featuring the words “Baby Momma 3.” This playful reference showcases Jasmin’s humor and highlights the unique dynamics of her and Cam Newton’s relationship. The “Third Times a Charm Tour” is set to take place in Charlotte, Miami, and Chicago in December. While Jasmin and Cam have not shared any details about the baby’s gender or due date at this time, their fans and followers are eagerly awaiting more updates.

Cam Newton And GF Jasmin Brown Expecting Their First Child

The news of their pregnancy has garnered attention and well wishes from not only their loyal supporters but also the media. People have sent their heartfelt congratulations to the couple, appreciating their journey together and embracing this new chapter in their lives. As Jasmin Brown and Cam Newton anticipate the arrival of their baby, they are embarking on an incredible adventure; the journey of parenthood. Both individuals are known for their resilience, passion, and dedication to their respective careers. Now, they are ready to channel that same energy and love into raising their child.


What is the significance of the flyer that Brown shared on Instagram?

A2: The flyer shared by Brown on Instagram promotes her pregnancy news along with the dates for her upcoming comedy tour, titled “Third Times A Charm Tour.”

Q3: How many children does Cam Newton have, and with whom?

A3: Cam Newton has seven children: five with his ex-fiancée Kia Proctor and two with La Reina Shaw.

Q4: How long have Cam Newton and Brown been together?

A4: Cam Newton and Brown have reportedly been together since 2021, as mentioned in the passage.

Q5: What did Cam Newton say about his relationship with Brown in an interview with Kash Doll?

A5: In the interview with Kash Doll in July 2023, Cam Newton described his relationship with Brown as open and honest, stating that they are very in tune with each other and can talk about anything. He also mentioned that they don’t have privacy concerns in their relationship.

Q6: What did Cam Newton mean when he said, “we’re two retired thots that came together”?

A6: When Cam Newton said, “we’re two retired thots that came together,” he meant that they both have had active dating lives in the past but have now committed to each other in a meaningful relationship.

Q7: What did Cam Newton say about going through phones in his relationship with Brown?

A7: Cam Newton mentioned that he doesn’t go through phones in his relationship with Brown, indicating that he trusts her and doesn’t feel the need to invade her privacy in that way.

Q8: What does Cam Newton emphasize as the most important aspect of his relationship with Brown? A8: Cam Newton emphasized that the most important aspect of their relationship is their open communication and the fact that they can talk about anything without hiding anything from each other.

Q9: Is this Jasmin Brown’s first child?

A9: Yes, this will be Jasmin Brown’s first child.

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