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Boyfriend Shaved GF’s Head Due To Alopecia Only To Instantly Cuts His Own


Boyfriend Shaved GF’s Head Due To Alopecia Only To Instantly Cuts His Own

A heart-melting act of unconditional love!

Hair trim or haircuts have been quite challenging to get as a result of the ongoing pandemic. A lot of people across the globe have, on the other hand, expressed great skill alongside confidence in shaving their partner’s or friend’s hair amid the crisis.

Do-It-Yourself haircut clips have gradually become some of the most-watched content on different social media platforms. And while it’s gradually becoming a normal thing, one recently uploaded clip, featuring a boyfriend shaving GF’s head due to Alopecia has appeared to captive the heart of many internet users.

Shared on TikTok, the viral clip showed a supporting boyfriend shaving the head of his girlfriend, identified as Eva Bari. Eva, the Monaco-based is a French Law Student with the alopecia condition. The condition, causing bald patches and extreme hair loss prompted the boyfriend’s action despite numerous efforts of hair growth.

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The Viral TikTok Clip Has Move A Lot Of People To Tears


Amid the recently filmed shaving session, Eva requested that her boyfriend assists in the process in a bid to share the clip to TikTok. ‘Despite months of growing my hair for the first time in ten years. I had to ask my Bf to shave my head again. The first time I did, my granddad gave the shave.’ Eva commented on her TikTok post.

The clip showed Eva sitting down in a black outfit as her boyfriend gently buzzes off her strands of hair. From time to time, she appeared to be sad and at times distraught, but maintained being tolerant and brave.

Eva Has Alopecia And Had To Shave Off Her Hair. Surprisingly, Bf Did The Same To Show Support


The conclusion of the clip was undeniably emotional and has left thousands of people in tears. Right after shaving Eva’s head, her boyfriend took the clipper to shave his own head too. On seeing that, the French Law Student broke down in tears while the boyfriend showered her with a kiss and tight hug.

Here’s The Viral Video Below:

The original clip was posted on TikTok in May, but since has flooded on other social media pages. A big thanks to Rex Chapman, a Twitter user, the clip has now been viewed over 11K times and has garnered over 300K likes. Reacting, celebrities including Seth Green, Kathy Griffin, and Ben Stiller did comment on the clip. Nevertheless, the heartwarming act of love is indeed a powerful one.


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