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Bowl Cuts Are Majorly Coming Back And People Are Still Stunned!


Bowl Cuts Are Majorly Coming Back And People Are Still Stunned!

Are you going to rock the hairdo?

There are a lot of things that are originating back from the 90s. Warmly welcomed into the present, denim on denim, chunky sneakers, mom jeans, stretchy plastic chokers and more are all finding their way back into re-surfacing.

Regardless, there are however some things from the 90s that were and are still obviously surprising. Presently, the bowl cuts are trying hard to sneak their way back into the human world, and honestly, people are already buying into the trend.

Recently, Charlize Theron rocked a bowl cut in an Instagram Post and instantly, it got the world shocked to its molten core

Instagram | @charlizeafrica

Literally, Charlize can rock anything and still appear gorgeous, but this has got people commenting. An Instagram user said: ‘I have been trying to grow out my hair for the first time in a very long time, but cute hairs like this can make me want to chop them off again.’

Indeed, it’s occurring and cuts are now popping up all over Instagram. Do you recall when your mom drove you to a salon and without your permission, requested the hairstylist to cut it all off? Well, all of those years of growing back the same hair to appear like a Cinderella are now dubbed as a waste of effort and time!

Yaay! Are you surprised?

Instagram | @mainpointsalon
Instagram | @i_wanna_be_me_i_will_be_me

Yes! That same bowl cut from the vault of the 90s has risen and now hunting all the dreams and plans of 2019 hairdo! 

However, a haircut remains a dramatic situation. Whether a friend cut off 6-7 inches of her hair, it’s always an emotional journey. So when an A-listed Hollywood celebrity undergoes a big chop, it sure sends a shocking wave throughout the universe.

What do you think about bowl cuts?

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