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Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Had 5 Husbands And Another Lover


Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Had 5 Husbands And Another Lover

Harper initially accepted her past but split up with the bigamist after 18 months.

Emily Horne was officially married to five men when Wayne Harper vowed to stand by her but on the condition, she will remain loyal to him. Harper of the West Midlands, met Horne when they were both in the same hospital. He was recovering from a cycling accident while Horne, dubbed the ‘serial bigamist’ was recovering from a minor operation. 

Soon after their discharge, Horne moved in with Harper [both pictured] and his family, after telling him she had nowhere else to go. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 3
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Their relationship lasted only 18 months as Harper, 43, ended it after discovering that Horne was having an affair. He told the Sun“I split up with her, it was my doing because I found out she was cheating on me. I was only with her for 18 months and it was not a happy ending. I have nothing left of her in my life, no pictures, nothing.” 

Harper had said Horne deserved a chance to change her life and that he would support her if she was jailed for bigamy. 

Harper’s decision to support Horne through being jailed for bigamy emerged after details of her multiple marriages were aired in Channel 4 documentary titled “The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands.” The docu-series exposed Horne’s web of lies, which started soon after she married her first husband, Paul Rigby in 1996 when she was 18. 

Horne and Rigby split up after a few months and in 1999 she tied the knot with Sean Cunningham using the name Emily Lecont at Leeds Register Office. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 6

The marriage also ended after a few months and Horne left Sean for his friend, Simon Thorpe, the man who had given her away at her wedding to Sean. When Horne and Thorpe were engaged, she went on to tie the knot with a website designer, Chris Barrett, 21, at Leeds Register Office. She used the Emily Horne but at the time described herself as an account holder whose father was a retired Army major.

Pictured is Barrett, the third husband of bigamist Horne.

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 4
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Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 8
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Horne also married James Mathews [pictured], 34, four weeks after they met on a train where he worked as a conductor. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 1

In 2001, the bigamist got cautioned by the West Yorkshire Police for two offenses of bigamy. At this time, Horne started working as a glamor model, appearing in X-rated films. She further moved in with one of Mathews’ friends and when she failed to return, he tipped off and police, and she got jailed for six months for bigamy in 2004. May 2007 saw Horne tying the knot with Ashley Baker, 25, whom she met while working in a massage parlor. 

During their honeymoon in Scotland, Horne reportedly confessed to Ashley [pictured] about her previous marriages. He stood by her for 10 months, especially as she claimed she had cancer. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 2
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The whole cancer thing turned out to be a lie and as a result, the affair ended. Horne then met IT worker Stuart Allen of Burnley and he got smitten with the brunette who introduced herself as Max. The pair agreed to marry each other but in 2010 when Horne went away for a few days, Allen learned she had gone to the US to marry policeman Fred Miller who she had met online.  

A few days into their honeymoon, the marriage fell apart and Horne returned to England to live on benefits in Wareham, Dorset. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 5

Harper’s father, Dennis told The Sun“They were together for a year or more but my son ended the relationship before the s*** hit the fan and he found her going with other blokes.” The last bloke on record is a 7th, named Craig Hadwin. Horne married Hadwin at a ceremony in Scotland after meeting him on a dating website. She used his identity to get prescription drugs to feed her addiction to sedatives and painkillers.

It’s alleged Horne even dressed up as Hadwin, who was serving in the Navy at RNAS Yeovilton Somerset, and tried to dupe doctors into giving her sleeping pills. 

Emily Horne The Serial Bigamist 9

Of the mentioned above act, the Guardian reported that the serial bigamist was spared a jail sentence. Recorder Jonathan Barnes, who sat at Taunton Crown Court at the time said he would give Horne one last chance. He stated: “This will be the last chance. If you come back before the courts for any further offences of this kind, I do not have the slightest doubt the judge dealing with you will send you to immediate custody.”

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