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Australian Hairstylist Loves Giving People ‘Unicorns Manes’ In Rainbow Colors


Australian Hairstylist Loves Giving People ‘Unicorns Manes’ In Rainbow Colors

We all have a rainbow inside us!

A 29-year-old hairstylist is making people fall in love with themselves as he gives them unicorn manes. Unicorn?

In other words, he gives them the rainbow hair they have always wanted! This talented hairstylist doesn’t just color people’s hair; his technique is amazing and these pictures of his works are proofs of his talent. He can turn any black-haired Asians or brunettes into a unicorn with his hands.

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Mykey giving this woman a rainbow scales pattern.

A unicorn who secretly is into purple.

amazing haircolors 20

Mykey began getting into hairstyling when he was still a student.

He uses this as a way to express himself who is different from others. Although, it always seems to instigate his peers, but he knew that nothing he did was wrong. Nobody could ever tell him that he was wrong.

amazing haircolors 4

Be unique. Be unapologetic about it.

amazing haircolors 13

Lovely shades of unicorns.

amazing haircolors 6

Mykey has also never been on any professional class or workshop that teaches rainbow hair coloring. He simply took in inspirations from other Instagram hairstylists and taught himself how to do it. Trial and errors brought him the specialty that is ‘unicorn manes’ now.

He also named his techniques!

amazing haircolors 7

Who doesn’t fall in love with these?

amazing haircolors 8

If Billie Eilish was every interested in rainbow hair.

amazing haircolors 9

How about something a little bit different?

amazing haircolors 10

Embracing the magic!

amazing haircolors 21

He named one of his hair technique as ‘trash panda’ because it reminds him of a raccoon’s tail. Another was ‘rainbow baby’ from his first ever hair show with rainbow hairstyle in Bologna.

Why does this one feels so soft?

amazing haircolors 11

If pumpkins come in rainbow colors.

amazing haircolors 12

Cotton candy!

amazing haircolors 3

Or maybe, you want to show your crazy self to only your loved ones?

amazing haircolors 14

One can be brunette and a unicorn at the same time.

amazing haircolors 15

This is such a different approach to his rainbow color scheme!

amazing haircolors 16

It’s blooming.

amazing haircolors 17

When you want rainbow, but you also prefer purple over them all.

amazing haircolors 18

Anyone thought of fire rainbow at the sight of this?

amazing haircolors 2

You’re telling me these haircuts don’t spread happiness and improve moods?

amazing haircolors 19

Rainbow inside.

amazing haircolors 5

Amazing to think that most of the time, customers just tell Mykey they want to be happy the next morning when they wake up.

amazing haircolors 22

How can you not? When you have rainbow falling over your shoulders.

amazing haircolors 23

If this isn’t art, I don’t know what is.

amazing haircolors 24

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