Artist's 30 Quirky Comics That Will Make You Think About Life

Artist’s 30 Quirky Comics That Will Make You Think About Life

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When he is not at his regular job at an ad agency, a 33-year-old senior designer allows his brain to go wild on a prowl for entertaining ideas. Going by the street name Kentucky boy, this artist enjoys doodling and uploading funny comics about life on his Instagram page.

His dream is to turn his passion into a full-time career and hopes to work for reputable firms like The New Yorker, or even illustrate children’s books, and much more. While his love for doodling started since childhood, it’s only until early this year that he started sharing his creative pieces with the world. He regularly posts his pieces as a way to exercise his brain and horn his creativity.

Being his own boss and creative director too, the artist works by one golden rule —if it made him smile, then it’s definitely a Go, no matter how goofy it might sound.

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#1 Cake With Frosting…

#2 Stop Scrolling And Help Him!

#3 George Floyd

#4 Hmmm, Yes. That Shall Keep Them Busy…

#5 Battle Of The Dishes

#6 The Tortoise Date

#7 Just Show The Damn Unboxing!

#8 A Sacrifice To The Jaguar Gods Of Cardiology!!!

#9 Think Positively. You Might Be Surprised

#10 Realistic Estate

#11 Trick Or Treat

#12 Going Into Space. Far Into Space

#13 Nearly Drove Into The Median

#14 CVS Cocoons

#15 Lovers Till Midnight

#16 The Best Way To See The Outdoors Is From Indoors

#17 I See Cupcakes!

#18 What About Pies? Cakes? Quiches?

#19 Every. Damn. Time

#20 Love, Like Tragedy Has Many Layers. Many Crunchy Layers

#21 Happy Passover

#22 Sending A Message

#23 The Pain Never Leaves, It Just Goes To Sleep… Heavy, Huh?

#24 We’re All Doing Our Part! It’s A Galactic Effort

#25 ‘If It’s Too Loud You’re Too Old!’

#26 Seems Like Our Suspect Is… Using Ridiculous Puns

#27 Weird Lights Coming From The Living Room…

#28 One Of These Is Actually Real

#29 Just Because You Have Followers Doesn’t Mean They’re Watching You, Right?! Something Like That…

#30 Oh Boy!