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Artist’s 20 Ironic Illustrations That Questions Society’s Sanity


Artist’s 20 Ironic Illustrations That Questions Society’s Sanity

Using art to diss on the failing system.

Iconeo is a graphic designer, artist, and activist who often raises awareness of climate change through his artwork. The man behind all these amazing works is Steffen Kraft, a Deutch who is based in Heidelberg, Germany. He studied communication design and is a self-employed illustrator now.

He has over 250k fans on Instagram and we want our readers to be inspired by his artwork. Or perhaps, to strike a conversation with someone through these arts. To brainstorm on what one can do for changes. Or maybe, to just laugh hollowly together at the boring dystopia we’re living in.

More info: Instagram

The Dolly Parton Challenge.

“Same thoughts.”

“Is VR/AR better than reality?”

“We are all weird.”

“Don‘t believe everything you hear.”

“More than half of the world‘s turtles have plastic in their stomachs.”

“Too bad it only produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe.”

The grass is greener…

“Do you know this phenomenon?”

A little piece.

“Don‘t stay silent. You are not alone.”

“Will you?”


“We live in a small world.”

“The fish are leaving the sea.”

“80% of plastic in our oceans is from land sources.”

“Others will help.”

“Home sweet home.”

Would they notice?

Think and track.

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