Artist's 20 Comics With A Dark Sense Of Humor

Artist’s 20 Comics With A Dark Sense Of Humor

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We always love seeing new, budding artists with an impeccable sense of humor. And we know that you, our readers, love reading comics as much as we do! With that in mind, we want to introduce Dmitri Piankov to you!

Dmitri’s comics are mostly original ideas and sketches of his. He often makes hilarious fanfics of popular shows such as Spider-Man as well. And we’ve curated to show you the 20 best comics of his works. Scroll down and enjoy!

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1. Lose weight.

2. “Fiends!!”

3. “Right on target.”

4. “Biggest ignition source.”

5. “All thoughts are only about one thing.”

6. “The phone.”

7. Size matters

8. Please don’t tell her!

9. “Favorite torture.”

10. Skating.

11. “Family problems of moles.”

12. Don’t look down.

13. “Now you!”

14. “Instructor.”

15. “Does it really help?”

16. Horror based on real events.

17. “Oops…”

18. “Wedding.”

19. Spidey senses.

20. Time.