Artist Draws Her Life And Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl In 30 Hilarious Comics

Artist Draws Her Life And Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl In 30 Hilarious Comics

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I’m a graphic illustrator and designer. I began my comic blog titled “Tall N Curly in the year 2012 to tell the world my story as a curly-haired and tall girl. I have always wanted to create a space in my life for something unique, which has nothing to do with my work.

And by achieving this, I realized I could tell the story of so many other women.  Women that practically look and appear just like me. Women, like me, want to be reminded that it’s obviously fine and fun and even special to be different from others and to own up to who they are.

Since the launch of my blog, I have been allowed to chat with wonderful women who share their personal stories. A big thanks to them. I’ve never lacked inspiration since there’s always something new to discuss.

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#1 How to watch the movie with a taller girlfriend.

#2 Shorter guys’ denial.

#3 With my 6’3″ cousin and declared invaders.

#4 If I may answer to that stereotypical question…

#5 There seem to be at least 3 things that I could say the same about you.

#6 The 101 Shopping Issues Tall Girls Have

#7 Hey! {insert something irrelevant to my height here}

#8 Finding an idol that fits my height.

#9 Please, don’t emphasize the fact. It’s not like I’m more than decades-old and not know that.


#11 No! That shouldn’t go into the dryer!

#12 It’s time to boycott airlines!

#13…I guess it’s important to avoid fatal mistakes, so these questions need to be asked at times.

#14 Friend, it’s time to give you a lesson on ‘standardized house design’.

#15 Still eat your veggies, kid. This mom just sorta ran out of adults to be made examples.

#16 This is why you buy a fridge that is bigger to the side.

#17 Again, LONGER, not BIGGER.

#18 Cooking at a friend’s kitchen.

#19 Why I can never be…

#20 Or…

#21 When you feel bad about yourself, but you still want to watch the movie.

#22 Spooning with your shorter partner.

#23 It was hilarious the first time and probably the second. But now, please just don’t block my view. Oh, sorry. You’re too short to be noticed.

#24 Short Menaces.

#25 Not something you should be doing either.

#26 Chinese Jump Rope.

#27 Minding my own business.

#28 Yea, my neck looks great.

#29 Unleveled Sidewalks

#30 Why being tall has its perks.