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Artist Draws 18 Horror Stories With Twisted Endings


Artist Draws 18 Horror Stories With Twisted Endings

Horror comics with unexpected plots!

To someone who isn’t familiar with dark comics, Edd lai’s comics would come as strangely ‘horrifying’ but in a ‘bright and delightful’ way.
Edd’s greatest passion lies in graphic arts and he enjoys telling scary stories not only through words but through pictures.

His new experimental series, ” Edd Lai’s Stories” has really got the internet talking. The artist splurges into his newest creation explaining what it’s all about.

Edd thinks that something else however makes his stories stand out from the rest. The artist said he appreciates the buzz his pieces create and interacting with his fans.

“I love when my readers ask me a lot of questions about my stories. Also, since the stories are so sharp, they’re good candidates for movies and other kinds of adaptations.”

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