Artist’s ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme Gets An Unexpected Twist In This Hilarious Comic

Artist Create Hilarious Comic On ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Meme With Twisted Ending

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The ‘Meme’ tradition is presently at the heart of the internet, with social media users exploring the world web regularly. Just like many trends online, memes tend to come and go, but a few have truly left a cultural impact behind.

Becoming ingrained in our memories, an artist recently decided to treat memes not as the usual but as complete stories.

Damien, popularly known as Pseudonym Unfins has made waves after transforming a woman yelling at a kitten meme into an inspiring four-part story.  

Putting the whole concept into drawings, the creative artist titled it ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme and equally placed out a comic detailing what occurred after the iconic moment.

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Unfins Is Here With Another Interpretation Of Meme. It’s Titled The ‘Distracted Boyfriend’

‘Memes are everywhere and are hilarious, so one night as I was drawing my series I just took a break and did that woman yelling at a comic on a whim. It exploded and I thought oh, I have to trail this path.’ The comic artist explained.

Unfins continued: ‘Sincerely, I am still surprised that a lot of people liked it as well as share it. I can only be thankful.’ Having just 20 posts on its Instagram page, Unfins presently has over 226K followers and his recent meme series gathered over a million positive reaction.

The distracted boyfriend started from a stock photo featuring a man checking out another woman while walking with his girlfriend.