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Army Called In To Help Canadians Dig Out After Unprecedented Blizzard


Army Called In To Help Canadians Dig Out After Unprecedented Blizzard

Real-Life frozen world!

Armed forces in Canada have been called upon to assist victims of a monster blizzard to dig themselves out of snow.

The huge snowstorm occurred in Newfoundland and in Labrador over the weekend, leaving many residents trapped indoors with no access to electricity. Fortunately, no causalities have been announced.

Residents are presently posting photos of themselves opening their front doors and garages to reveal the solid wall of snow.

Accordingly, local police have urged all residents nearby the location of occurrence to check their backyards, sheds, and cars carefully at all times. An estimated 80cm of snow swept the capital of St. John, breaking the record for the area.

This, however, implies business would have to remain closed and drivers would also have to stay off the roads for emergency work to be carried out. The chief of the province called Ottawa’s for assistance while the Federal Government deployed al its available resources to St. John.

Similarly, the Canadian’s soldiers are expected to help remove snow, relocate residents to warm places and emergency center’s as well as ensure the sick and elderly are safe.

Reacting, Justin Trudeau – Canadian Prime Minister sent his sympathies and equally urged all residents to follow the local advice. Authorities have, on the other hand, urged residents to prepare for power blackout and to importantly stock up their homes with food and water.

Local authorities have also raised their state of emergency decrees to permit private contractors to help clear out the snow. Petrol filling stations were allowed opened to provide fuel for snow clearing, while pharmacies are open for emergency medication.

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