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Apple Poached Top Netflix Engineer To Join Their Apple TV+ Service After Former HBO CEO


Apple Poached Top Netflix Engineer To Join Their Apple TV+ Service After Former HBO CEO

If you want to be the best, gotta learn from the best.

Apple has been struggling in growing new content as well as releasing and maintaining its Services like Apple Maps, iCloud, and Apple Music. They want to do it right with Apple TV+, which offered the least show among some of the new streaming services.

It’s not going to be an easy fight against the world’s biggest streaming platform Netflix. Netflix also offers three user tiers while Apple only has one flat price. While their initial release is filled with only a few shows, one can agree they are star-studded that will certainly get fans interested in them.

WSJ report reads, “Ruslan Meshenberg, who helped build out Netflix’s platform and was involved in key initiatives to create a speedier, more consistent service for viewers, joined Apple’s internet-services organization this week, according to people familiar with the hire and his social media accounts. He joins Apple at the same time it is expanding its $4.99-a-month TV+ service with other new hires, additional shows and movies—a complex undertaking that has tripped up other entrants into the video-streaming business.”

The report also mentions the issue when Disney+ first rolled out which got a few users unable to stream it at all. Meshenberg may be brought in to ensure that this technical problem will not occur to Apple’s Services, specifically Apple TV+.

It continues, “Mr. Meshenberg has the experience to help Apple address technical challenges. At Netflix, he ran much of the infrastructure that guaranteed television shows and movies played reliably, even as the company expanded to more than 50 countries and streaming increased to more than one billion hours of programming weekly.”

Previously, former HBO CEO Richard Plepler also signed a 5-year deal for Apple TV+.

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