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Former Aoa Kpop Girl Choa Talks Singers’ Struggles With Medication


Former Aoa Kpop Girl Choa Talks Singers’ Struggles With Medication

Alongside the former AOA Kpop girl ChoA, ‘Playing Unnies’ also featured Chae Ri Na, Lee Ji Hye, Ivy, and Narsha.

A former AOA Kpop girl, ChoA (Park ChoA), has shed light on a pressing issue in the singing community. Amid the production presentation of the new entertainment show ‘Playing Unnies,’ hosted by E-Channel and Channel S, ChoA opened up about the prevalent use of medication among K-pop artists. She expressed her concerns about the survival of many active friends in the industry who turn to medication as a coping mechanism.

Former AOA Kpop girl ChoA confessed that she, too, had questioned her journey until she found solace in the guidance of her “unnies,” older female friends who served as inspiring role models.

Former Aoa Kpop Girl Choa Talks Singers' Struggles With Medication

“Many active friends in K-pop resort to medication to cope. I found myself pondering my own survival in the industry until I encountered these ‘unnies’ (older female friends).” Former AOA Kpop girl ChoA reportedly added, “These ‘unnies’ continue to inspire as living testimonies. I aspire to support my friends in the same way and stand as a testament to myself. It’s common to see peers grappling with mental health issues, and my wish for them is to not feel overwhelmed but to pursue their careers with sound mental health and joy.” The debut episode of ‘Playing Unnies’ showcased the talents of Chae Ri Na, Lee Ji Hye, Ivy, and Narsha alongside former AOA Kpop girl ChoA.

Former Aoa Kpop Girl Choa Talks Singers' Struggles With Medication

As we delve into the uncharted territory of the AOA Kpop girl group community, it becomes evident that the pressures and demands placed on singers can be overwhelming. From grueling schedules to intense competition, the pursuit of perfection often leads to immense stress. It is no wonder that many turn to medication as a means of survival. However, ChoA’s revelation sheds light on the importance of finding healthier alternatives and seeking support from those who have walked a similar path. Through ‘Playing Unnies,’ the former AOA Kpop girl ChoA, aims to create an environment that promotes well-being and encourages open conversations by breaking the silence surrounding mental health.


Why do singers resort to medication?

Singers often face immense pressure to meet the expectations of their fans and the industry. This constant scrutiny, coupled with long hours of rehearsals and performances, can take a toll on their mental well-being. As a result, some turn to medication as a means of coping.

Are there healthier alternatives to medication?

Yes, there are several alternatives to medication that can help singers maintain their well-being. These include seeking therapy, practicing mindfulness and self-care, engaging in hobbies outside of their profession, and building a strong support system.

How can the industry support singers’ mental health?

The industry can play a significant role in supporting singers’ mental health by promoting a culture of open communication and providing resources for mental health support. This can include access to therapists, workshops on stress management, and creating a safe and supportive work environment.

How can fans contribute to singers’ well-being?

Fans can contribute to singers’ well-being by showing their support and understanding. It’s important to remember that singers are human beings who experience emotions and face struggles just like anyone else. By spreading positivity, sending encouraging messages, and respecting their boundaries, fans can play a crucial role in supporting their favorite artists.

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