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Antonio Brown Says He’s Done Playing For The NFL In Series Of Tweets


Antonio Brown Says He’s Done Playing For The NFL In Series Of Tweets

In a tweeting spree he called out NFL owners and asked them to pay up.

After facing two lawsuits over the alleged rape and sexual misconduct by two different women, Antonio Brown was fired from the NFL and is now mad. He’s going on a tweeting spree, showing how multiple NFL players and his boss Robert Kraft for getting off free from their own legal issues.

Kraft ‘apologized’ but got off as his lawyer plead not guilty.

He pointed fingers to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and former Broncos star Shannon Sharpe who was a TV presenter.

But people weren’t buying it. The double standard is a big NO.

After out from Patriots, AB is being eyed by other interested parties.

Now unemployed, Brown was in Warwick, Rhode Island before flying in his private jet back to Miami.

People think this isn’t the time for Brown to flaunt his lifestyle and money… when he’s about to lose some.

Patriots still have to pay him $9m, from $5m of bonus and $4m of salary by September 23 and January 15 next year.

Ex-coach Britney Taylor, 23, filed for rape against Brown, 31.

Still, his agent Drew claims he’s still looking for a team to play with.

This is claimed threatening texts of one of the women who accused him.

Robert Kraft who owns Patriots was obviously enraged by the texts Brown sent. Coach Bill Belichick stormed off the conference after being asked related questions to Brown’s case.

“We take all the situations with our team very seriously. There are some things we’re looking into. I’m not going to comment on any of the off-the-field situations,” says the coach during a press conference on Friday. But reporters were not giving it up.

“I think I have already addressed this so we are going to get ready for the Jets here. I’ll answer your football questions but the rest I am done with it,” before he storms out the room.

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