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An Avocado Built-Up Hotel Room Is Opening In Australia


An Avocado Built-Up Hotel Room Is Opening In Australia

Visitors will also enjoy a hamper of avocado themed goodies.

For several Australians, the addition of avocados is the best spice to any meal taken. They are recognized as nutritious, delicious, funky on the outside and for many Australians, this announcement will be the best news ever.

An Avocado shaped hotel room will open on Sydney Harbour.

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You are presently thinking: What’s the attraction, this, however, sounds way too good to be true. Well, the yummy looking hotel room will only be open for two nights. We don’t mean, two nights per individuals, it will be available for just 48hrs and then it will be gone for good.

Why would they do that to the good citizen of Sydney?

Clearly, if you desire the avocado hotel room, you got to be pretty fast with your fingers since bookings will start on July 29.

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‘Situated at Campbell’s Cove Lookout at Sydney’s Circular Quay for a short period, the customized built Avo-Condo – a self-contained Condo, resembling half of an avocado on the outside and with an avocado-themed touch on the inside, is designed to have a world-class look’ a statement revealed.

It added: ‘For just two nights, any lucky guest will have the opportunity to live the ultimate millennial dream and experience a memorable sleepover while overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge inside the giant Avocado. During their stay, visitors will also enjoy a hamper of avocado themed goodies.

Luke Wilson, the Australian Area Manager also explained: ‘Motivated by the world’s love with all things avocado, the Avo-Condo is literally fun, a quintessentially Australian experience like never before. With over 6 million apartments, unique stays and holiday homes on, there’s something more intriguing for every individual to discover!”

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Matices Hotel de Barrica/

If the avocados are however not a thing for you, you can then try out this tequila themed barrel. A Hotel in Mexico – Matices Hotel De Barricas allow guests to stay in a barrel.

Matices Hotel de Barrica/

Likewise, there’s a restaurant in a cave five-meters below the ground that serves traditional regional food to including varieties of drinks and tequila-based cocktails. Sounds perfect!!

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