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7 Celebrities Who Deeply Fell In Love With Their Animal Co-Stars Refused To Leave Them


7 Celebrities Who Deeply Fell In Love With Their Animal Co-Stars Refused To Leave Them

True love found on set.

It’s just so beautiful to know that these animals which made it on-screen for movies are now real family members with the people they acted with. What’s even more beautiful is the fact that these dogs have probably thought of these actors and actresses as their owners even long before that.

Green Lemon just loves how the friendship between animals and humans is always honest. And here are celebrities who ended up adopting the animals and brought them home!

Sophie Turner and Zunni.

© Game of Thrones / HBO   © sophiet / instagram

The northern Inuit dog, Zunni, was direwolf Lady in ‘Game of Thrones’. She was one of the six pups the Stark children got to care for. Sophie Turner got to play as Zunni’s owner as Sansa Stark but she only lived to the second episode. She adopted her then after Zunni had no place to go.

Will Smith and Abbey.

© I Am Legend / Warner Bros. Pictures   © Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Who didn’t cry when Sam died in ‘I am Legend’? This German Shepherd whose real name is Abbey bonded with Will Smith and the love is mutual. But Abbey is still living with her trainer and is now a happy, 13-year-old retired dog.

James Gunn and Oreo.

©   © amesgunn / instagram

Rocket is probably a little homicidal, but Oreo is just really sweet raccoon. This model James Gunn based the character on appeared on the red carpet with him.

Tom Hardy and Rocco.

© The Drop / Fox Searchlight Pictures   © tomhardy / instagram

The major dog fan auditioned for ‘The Drop’ because there’s Rocco. He adopted him in real life later and is said to be taking the dog everywhere with him!

Ed O’Neill and Bridgett.

© Modern Family / ABC   © Modern Family / ABC

She was Stella in ‘Modern Family’, but her own story was sad, too. She was abandoned on the street before rescued and starred in the movie. After that, she found a forever home with Ed O’Neil.

Chris Evans and Dodger.

© ChrisEvans / twitter   © ChrisEvans / twitter

Chris Evans met the mixed-breed boxer on ‘Gifted’ and he was a puppy then. He’s now a grown up good boi and Evans can’t stop posting about him.

Brendan Fraser and Pecas.

© Texas Rising / A+E Studios   © marthastewart48 / instagram

While filming ‘Texas Rising’, Fraser noticed some of the horses picking on Pecas. He brought him home and later said that the horse bonded with his autistic son. Beautiful!

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