40 Pics Show That Japan Is Totally Different From Other Countries

40 Pics Show That Japan Is Totally Different From Other Countries

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Some people think that this country is like a fantasy. Its people are so disciplined, the crime rate is meager, and being clean is part of their culture. Japanese are very hard workers who take pride in what they do especially if it’s labor or time-intensive. The kids are taught and trained since young to be respectful and clean after themselves, even at school!

A country that appreciates hard work, that is why a lot of people dream about moving here. Here are more proofs as to why it’s an amazing place to at least visit once in your lifetime.

These commuters are pushing the car to save a woman that was trapped between it and the platform.

Norihiro Shigeta

Suspension Railway in Japan

Wash your hands and after that, the water will be reused for flushing the toilet.

Kids in Japanese clean schools which help prepare them as productive members of the society.


That’s a 1000 yen bill. Note reads: I knocked over the bicycle and broke the bell by accident. I’m really sorry.”


The smoothness of the bullet train in Japan.


You can play white noise or music in the toilet to cover up uncomfortable noises.


The restaurants put up fake display of their food that looks very real.

Matthew Yau

Finally got his Japanese textbook from Japan. Came with a sweet note and a small crane origami! Tomodachi means friend and is also the name of the store that sent it!


You can rotate seats in a shinkansen!

They can’t even leave the manholes alone – these are some serious artworks!


A display of occupied and vacant toilet in Japan.


I lost my shopping bag in Osaka, but someone had it placed under the tree and nothing was lost.


Japanese fans during FIFA World Cup 2014 stayed behind to help with clean up.

Joe Giddens – EMPICS

Commuters of Tokyo lining up for the train.


A wipe dispenser for phone screens in Japan.


People in Japan are serious when they promote things.


These are coin lockers for perishables after grocery shopping if you have more to do.


Narita International Airport in Tokyo gives out free crane origami instead of candies.


That is one very polite deer!

These are scramble intersections and there are about 300 around the country.


Ground crew waves goodbye to departing flights.


Such an interesting survey.


Bus drivers make sure Japan is still on time, but still made their point heard only by those that matter.


People actually follow directions.


These are umbrella lockers you can leave on when entering a building and to prevent people accidentally taking yours.


They have kid seats on the Fujikyu railway.


Most bathrooms has a baby seat!


These are selfie spots that can be found around tourist ares in Japan.


This woman gave birth in Japan and here’s what she eats during her stay.

Airport staff in Japan sort luggage based on colors.


The drainage is so clean that fishes live in them.

A bedside lamp that can lit in half.


Japanese gum that comes with wrapping paper to throw our gum away in.


This life in Japan has an emergency toilet with supplies.


Footbaths in Toreiyu Tsubasa train for a relaxing ride.


This is Comiket in 2012, the equivalent of Comic Con in America. Lining up is part of their culture.

Japanese (and most Asian countries) do reverse parking to get out easier.


Tsukuba Express train company apologizes for early departure that happens 20 seconds in advance.

Tsukuba Express,LERK

There are cane holders on ATM machines that can also hold drink cups.


Drink cans lid are printed with Braille on top.