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31 People Who Realized They Knew Or Dated Celebs Before They Were Famous


31 People Who Realized They Knew Or Dated Celebs Before They Were Famous

Damn, he’s famous now.

Being friends with popular people, whether that’s on the TV screen or on social media apps like Snap or Instagram can make us feel proud. I know that, being a close friend to an Instagram artist. These people below also feel the same way and some could even say, “I watched my ex walked up the stage for his Oscar trophy.”

Well, it gets from being proud to really weird because the entertainment world spares nothing to disclose everything personal about their life. That said, nobody seemed to be interested in your mother who used to date John Legend when you were just 10!

Green Lemon loves how these pictures tell the untold stories of famous celebrities back in their days. You never know when the person you dated today will become the next Ariana Grande.

1. Just Leonardo hanging out with family because he dated my aunt.


2. Mom dated Matt Le Blanc and finally found a picture to prove it.


3. Mom and Adam Sandler on prom night during high school.


4. Mom used to date Woody Harrelson.


5. Mom was friend with Bradley Cooper back in college before he was famous.


6. Grandpa, back in 1945, dated ‘The Black Dahlia’, Elizabeth Short. He was an FBI suspect.


7. Here’s Michelle Obama recorded in uncle’s yearbook.


8. Mom and John Travolta were childhood friends. Here’s nana with him after one of his shows in the 70s.


9. Aunt used to date Ashton when he was young. Look at this precious picture!


10. Aunt and Jamie Foxx used to be a thing. We called him uncle Jami.


11. Aunt used to date Jimmy Falon.


12. Mom finally reveals she dated John Legend secretly when the daughter was 10.


13. Matthew McConaughey dated cousin during college.


14. Sister used to date Usher back in high school and only said it now.


15. Look at my uncle being good friends with Queen Latifah.

16. Found out a friend went to the same highschool with Zac Efron.


17. Wife used to date Henry Wrinkler from ‘The Fonz’ from late 70’s.


18. I used to date Ariana Grande and did a theater together.


19. Friend’s parents were friends with Drake’s and they finally knew who this kid was from back in 1989.


20. Auntie used to mess with Tupac.


21. Mom had a thing for Black Shelton while her sister with the bass player. Here’s a picture.


22. Sister used to date Macho Man Randy Savage back in the 90’s and that is me.


23. Kevin Hart went to bro’s highschool which as featured in his ‘Laugh At My Pain’ film.

Anna Stellina

24. Aunt dated Jay Z back in the days.


25. Here Ansel Elgort in someone’s yearbook.


26. Mom dated John Hartnet in highschool.


27. Mom and her sister were friends with Floyd.


28. Grandfather, on the right, was friends with Gilligan. This picture was taken in the late 70’s.


29. Bestfriend’s mom reveals that she went to highschool with Josh Duhamel.


30. Uncle’s best friend was a popular rapper back in the days (Maybe Tupac?).


31. Dad used to date ol girl from ‘Martin’.


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