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30 Touching Moments By People Who Try To Connect During Quarantine


30 Touching Moments By People Who Try To Connect During Quarantine

Just look at those happy faces!

The elderly are particularly susceptible to Covid-19 exposure and that is why nursing homes are on strict lockdown. But the elderly will only feel upset and grow weak if they can’t meet their beloved family members, especially during emergency times like this that make them easily worry!

Still, that doesn’t stop people from trying to meet up with their family members. Don’t worry! While still practicing social distancing, Greenlemon is just so touched with the warm acts these people did to see their loved ones without risking their health.

1. His granddaughter announced her engagement to grandfather.

Premier Living & Rehab Center Info Page

2. This man would see his wife at her nursing home every day and sing their favorite songs.

WSFA 12 News

3. Man comes to see and talk to his dad through the phone every day because of lockdown.

Sandy Hamilton

4. Mom was in the nursing home for her femur fracture rehab, but it’s now in lockdown. Here are two of them spending time together in their 90s.

Priscilla Sekula

5. Husband and wife who both stand on the first line against Covid-19. They met for a few minutes at the end.


6. It is their 67th anniversary but because of lockdown, he held his sign outisde her window that proclaims his love.


7. Grandpa was upset that he can’t see his grandkids during lockdown. So, they made that happen and you can see just they smiled through the window.

Cory Blocker

8. Here’s my mom looking at dad who’s in the nursing home.

Cheryl Blair

9. Ollie met his grandparents for the first time.

Hannah Levins

10. They can’t meet directly but here’s to 54 years together and more!

Cumberland Valey Manor

11. Daughter visiting her mother while it’s on lockdown.

Cumberland Valley Manor

12. This grandfather sees his grandson for the first time while social distancing.


13. Dad brought his daughter to see grandad and it’s just so precious.

Cumberland Valley Manor

14. True love transcends any law and limitations.


15. Visitors are ban during the outbreak, but that didn’t stop her from writing messages for her mother to see.


16. These are hard times, but with a bit of effort, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Five Counties Nursing Home

17. Colt didn’t get to see Nana because visitors are not allowed. So, we stood outside, wrote and called her.

Stephanie Smith

18. These grandkids are reading magazines to their grandma who’s at the nursing home.


19. They wanted to wish them him Happy Birthday, so they got creative.


20. Here’s my sis singing me ‘Happy Birthday’ from the outside during my self-quarantine.


21. The residents are loving the window visits thanks to technology.


22. Great Grandma is 93 today on St. Patrick’s Day so there’s no way we’re not going to surprise her.

Heather L Norris

23. We don’t want to miss a single precious day.

Cumberland Valley Manor

24. It was raining, but Betty’s daughter still came and talked to her through the phone.

Clark County Nursing Home and Residential Care

25. She is 100 years old today, but because of the lockdown, the kids sang for her from the outside!


26. Mom is on antibiotics and nebulizer for pneumonia. That’s my son and stepdad visiting her and making her day better.

Premier Living & Rehab Center Info Page

27. We surprised our mom from the window.

Anna DeSarro Egresits, Anna DeSarro Egresits

28. Weekend is when you prepare for feels and sweetness.


29. Here’s her window visit with Buzz!

Calhoun Nursing Home

30. Checked in on Grandma while she’s being a trooper.

Becky Vogel

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