30 People Who Left Stunned By The Apartment They Booked Or Bought

30 People Who Left Stunned By The Apartment They Booked Or Bought

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A lot of us try to stay away from hotels due to the price, especially when we want to be able to experience a city’s culture down to its core. But booking an apartment or Airbnb can be a real hit or miss. Some facilities may work, some hosts can be real jerks, but there are also people who just want to share their most pleasant stay ever.

Breathtaking views, friendly ‘neighbors’, and gorgeous interior designs made their stays unforgettable. We don’t need them to be fancy, but it’s always pleasant to stay in a room we know the owners put their all in designing its interior (or exterior!) as best as possible.

I bought a house, thinking about starting my own business. It might be a good place to start.


Moved here 4 years ago. Converted Victorian church in England. Love this room.


Staying in Airbnb’s up in the alps is a long journey but totally worth it.


Mt. Koya, Japan. Stayed in a traditional Buddhist inn.


Looking out the window from my Airbnb in Cairo, Egypt.


This Airbnb has a collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom wall.


Stayed for 2 nights and enjoyed zip lining around the jungle canopy from our treehouse.


Our lobby at this building are covered with old cameras.


This apartment came with a working elevator that dates back to 1930s.


Me and husband rented this house with our dog. Found a cute donkey staying in this property while taking our dog for a walk.


Is this paradise? Booked this house in Miami for birthday vacation.


This place has a rather eccentric interior decor, like this secluded bedroom that was at the top of the staircase.


Gorgeous rental with the perfect view.


This is our view from our rented apartment in Barcelona, Spain.


The best service you can ever get as long as you’re not allergic to cats.

Rented out this apartment for a night and was pleasant with A.J, a.k.a, our host’s service.


Such a unique apartment in Tangier, Morocco and I didn’t want to leave!


Booked this apartment in Spain and met saw this little guy in the middle of the night when going for the bathroom.


Stayed at a place that had dogs roaming in the property. Here’s one of the dog and it’s the best place ever.


Booked this apartment in Spain and found out it was built on old city walls that is also inside the room.


Our stay in Vienna was intruded by this fluffy, inquisitive neighbor. Lovely!

Rented this house that comes with a full-body massage chair.


Our stay last summer was absolutely amazing. This view is from our porch.


We stayed off-grid in this shelter in southern Utah. These holes in Navajo sandstone butte were were made with dynamites.


Rented this shelter in Perth Australia. This is the top floor of it.


Staying in seashells house while we were in Mexico!


Our AirBnb had a friendly host.


Staying in this Oslo, Norway that was actually a greenhouse located on the 16th floor.


This beautiful bedroom we rented in Spain.


The front porch of this Airbnb.