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30 Of The Worst Travel Picture Fails That Have Ever Been Captured


30 Of The Worst Travel Picture Fails That Have Ever Been Captured

Some of these still look amazing, but…

In some landmarks, there are just some poses and things that you should never miss. For a one in a lifetime chance, you want to take the best picture of that moment. But these people weren’t so lucky as their rare opportunity could only be remembered with a poorly taken picture or just the horrible timing of their visit.

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is probably making you miss the outside world. But looking at how sad these pictures turned out to be, you might want to be even more careful to plan your travel in the future. If it’s any consolation, these pictures may actually make you feel better about your canceled plans, too.

1. Behold, Mt. Fuji in Japan.


2. We visited the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon.


3. Climbing the terrific Great Wall of China.


4. We finally earned the permits to hike 10 miles to see the Havasupai Falls.


5. Finally, I can see the famed Big Ben.


6. I paid extra for this room with a view of the mountains. Then, the snow plow came.


7. Finally got to see the Grand Canyon today and would definitely come again to actually get a look at it.


8. Spent hours walking to this spot for this beautiful view on The Pulpit Rock, Norway. Still a gorgeous shot despite the fog.


9. Friend said I should go see the Gateway Arch when I was in St. Louise for the first time.


10. On our first time visiting New York from on top of the rock.


11. On top of Norway’s most beautiful trails and 3.5 hours under the rain later, got this view.


12. Saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. Couldn’t see the Canyon, but this is one heck of a rare shot, too.


13. You should get early to see the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. To see this.


14. It was this woman’s first time seeing the Cathedral.


15. Climbed Mt. Agung from 4am in the morning a decade ago. It was raining and colder than I’d imagine considering the tropical weather. Visibility was at best 32 feet (10m).


16. During my 120-mile solo hike, I asked an elderly to take a picture for me. He was struggling with the touchscreen.


17. Man said, “I got a close up.” Here’s her picture from Hawaii.


18. Got a picture of Pisa that was not leaning. In reverse, everything else was leaning instead.


19. ‘Scenic’ Grand Canyon, but in foggy glory. Here’s why I’m coming back here again later.


20. A two-hour drive from 2.30 am to watch the sunrise from the top of Haleakala. Don’t wait, nothing is loading here.


21. Yeah, that’s Mt. Fuji. A picture in case you’re wondering if it is.


22. We got a room on the 65th floor of ‘Grand Times Square View’. Then, the fog.


23. I traveled more than 2,000 miles to Mt. Rushmore. Well, that sucks.


24. If you still want to see more fog of Grand Canyon, here’s another from 4 years ago.


25. I trekked for more than 15 hours to this view of the mountain.


26. We took a 2-hour drive with a rented car to see Die Rakotzbr├╝cke which is outside Berlin. Well, it’s under construction and the water was drained.


27. Here’s me at Machu Pichu. My dad took the picture.


28. Guess where this is? It’s the Taj Mahal in the morning.


29. 4,000 miles later in Ireland, trying to get a glimpse of the Cliffs of Moher.


30. Another Grand Canyon in the fog and snow.


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