30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Twist By Jim Benton

30 Hilarious Comics With Dark Twist By Jim Benton

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Who doesn’t love hilarious comics that are meant for adults with jokes only grown-ups can process? Jim Benton is one talented artist that way as he not only knows how to draw but also has an amazing sense of humor that really cracks people up. It is being adult with a hint of irony at its best, often poking on the vulnerable system of the so-called advanced civilization we have today.

If you’ve read Happy Bunny before, you’ll surely know who Jim Benton is. We know you’ll love to read more, so head over to jimbenton.com where all the comics are from to stay updated!

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Maybe I should…

With a (well-cared) beard.

The true function.

Yes, I know, Steven.

Parental advisory.


When you leave dad alone with the kid.


Yeah, um. I don’t know about him.

Hurt your feelings.

He got played.

A potent medicine.

Kiss you so bad.

Modern art.

What is your wish?


Gen Z.

Laser play is fun!



Nevermind, Margaret.

You looked different.



He’s just sad.

Sweetest sounds.

True love.

The perfect gift.

Poor Spongebob.