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30 Hilarious Comics On ‘New Normal’ Life Since Pandemic


30 Hilarious Comics On ‘New Normal’ Life Since Pandemic

Life sucks, especially in 2020.

Nobody is saying it’s easy to adjust to the sudden change in our life. A lot of us haven’t seen our friends in person for a very long time. Most of us go out only once a week or two if we’re lucky because there are also some who’ve been staying home for months. Wearing a mask has become part of our life, a necessity that we always dread to take off as soon as we get home.

Garth German the comic illustrator of ‘The Reality of My Surroundings’ shared several funny comics on this topic. It is hard and even harsh on some, but he taught people to learn to laugh at the situation. Visit for more of his comics!

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Mask… is about staying safe.

It’s worth a shot.

New Zealand’s secret.

An important schedule.

Not like you’re going out anyway.

Disney World reopening.

We’ll go back after you.

Yeah… right.

Your comfort over our safety.

Sure they do.

These airlines are desperate.

2020: Humanity’s Decline.

You’d think 2020 couldn’t have gotten any worse.

It’s concerning.



Might as well make it interesting.

Entering a dystopian century.

Wake me up when it’s 2021.

The pandemic has done things.


But still have to social distance to keep everyone safe.

Worried about your hair?

Leading cause of death.

Sounds hard.

What month is it now?

Have you tried reading?

Social distance haircut.

Sometimes we forgot what a bad year it is.

Why wear any at all?

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