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30 Genius Architects Converted Old Buildings Into Dream Places


30 Genius Architects Converted Old Buildings Into Dream Places

These are truly incredible jobs!

There’s something interesting when you’re able to step into a hotel and be told that it was formerly a train station. You can see the abandoned carriages turned into a hotel room, the old furniture that was clearly functional and filled with history from decades ago. Architects and designers who try their best to renovate old buildings into a beautiful space are always appreciated.

Instead of bulldozing them, these people decided to make the best out of the existing structure. Make the space their own, give it another chance at living its glorious times yet again.

A WWII cement factory into a warm home.

Ricardo Bofill

This hotel was a train station and now they converted the inside of the train into hotel rooms.


Reusing an old, rust ship into a building with indoor plantations.

Shinslab Architecture

This swimming pool was used Beijing summer Olympics in 2008. Now it’s a waterpark.

Arne Müseler

An apartment built inside an old church in Brooklyn, New York. This is the living room.


In Ottawa, you can stay in a hostel that feels like a jail because it used to be one.

HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

A repurposed church in Maastricht, Netherlands. It’s now one of world’s most beautiful bookstores.


This skatepark that was a 100-year-old church in Spain.


The Charles St. Jail in Boston was renovated into The Liberty Hotel.


‘Tropical Islands’ waterpark in Karusnick, Germany was previous an airship hangar.


Gave the old church of Netherne, Surrey a swimming pool.


World’s tallest indoor climbing wall was a grain silo.


An old clock tower into a penthouse.


This college was a shopping mall.


Someone owns a 20,000 sq ft house that was formerly a Freemason temple from 1926. Renovated while living in here for 2.5 years.


A school that was an apartment building.


Gave this Art Nouveau brewhouse another chance in life, located in the middle of Fürth Südstadt.


Living in a renovated jail station, keeping the original window in the bathroom.


This was a former power station and it’s now a popular industrial cafe in Melbourne, Australia.

Design office

A brewery repurposed into a hotel.


An abandoned church repurposed into one of world’s most powerful supercomputing centers.


A former theater in Buenos Aires. Now, a bookstore.


Former FBI headquarters in NYC sold to Target. They kept the safe, though.


This hotel in Oxford, England was a prison.


A former court room in St. Albans, England, turned into a cafe and its cells, the toilets.


This Starbucks’ drive-thru is a former car wash.


An events space in Melbourne, Australia that was formerly a jail.

Showtime Event Group

This Walgreens was a bank and they turned the vault into their vitamin section.


A church repurposed into a home.

Linc Thelen

School’s library is formerly a bank. They kept the vault.


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