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30 Creatively Scary Masks People Made For Halloween


30 Creatively Scary Masks People Made For Halloween

Scare your local grocery store’s cashier with it.

This Halloween, the mask will become a mandatory part of our costume. Everyone hates having their costume look ruined with a surgical mask on their face. But if you really want to go out, you have to wear a mask to keep everyone safe!

There won’t be trick-or-treating, nor costume parties with your friends and family. But you can still go out and walk around the neighborhood, scaring the occasional curious eyes looking out the window. All with these masks designed solely to scare the hell out of people!

Halloween face masks 6
Cristina Rodo
Halloween face masks 19
Halloween face masks 9
Nils Blumreiter
Halloween face masks 11

Did you know that high-end brands have been scrawling to adjust to the ‘new normal’ life since the pandemic hit? Major brands have released their own branded face masks ranging from $15 to $28 in general. And of course, as you can guess, there is always ‘the most expensive’ title for this new trending category.

Halloween face masks 12
Halloween face masks 13
Halloween face masks 14
Halloween face masks 8
Halloween face masks 2

The world’s most expensive face mask is the Yvel Covid-19 Protective Mask, commissioned by a Chinese billionaire. The businessman paid a staggering amount of US$1.5 million for Israeli jewelry house Yvel. It has 250 grams of 18-carat white gold and 3,600 black and white diamonds that are naturally sourced.

Halloween face masks 16
Halloween face masks 5
Halloween face masks 17
Halloween face masks 18
Halloween face masks 7

Most people still don’t understand if cloth masks actually protect people. Mix signals sent by professional healthcare workers and the government continues to confuse people. MIT Medical answers the question: in short, no, it doesn’t protect you as well as a medical-grade mask such as the N95. But there is a reason why you still need to wear it.

Halloween face masks 29
Halloween face masks 3
Mantrap 1989 by Heathyr Lawrence
Halloween face masks 1
Halloween face masks 20
Halloween face masks 21

A cloth mask, especially one with multiple layers, helps prevent the spread of a virus. In a medical setting, people with cough and cold have always been advised to wear one to prevent its spread. However, one case of a man who boarded a flight with dry cough and later confirmed covid-19 infection have worn the mask for the whole flight and did not infect anyone else.

Halloween face masks 22
Halloween face masks 23
Halloween face masks 24
Matthias Kretschmer
Halloween face masks 25

On a more cheerful note, creative minds have not led this emergency to put a halt to their ideas! Professional makeup artists such as Cynthia Pinedo have always loved Halloween and see this as an opportunity to make scary masks.

Halloween face masks 10
Halloween face masks 15
Matthias Kretschmer
Halloween face masks 4
Halloween face masks 26
Halloween face masks 27

People are also continuing to celebrate Halloween without the part where they gather together. There may not be trick-or-treating for the kids or costume parties, but dressing up is still fun! Zoom parties are happening worldwide, and social media made it super easy to share their Halloween costume ideas!

Halloween face masks 30

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