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30 Common Things In China That Always Get Non-Native Reeling In Curiosity


30 Common Things In China That Always Get Non-Native Reeling In Curiosity

A street is a wild place in this country!

Even if you’re Chinese and have not been to the mainland for a while, you will find these facts truly shocking. But the people here have preserved this culture and embraced them as part of their own. The Chinese have a rich culture and they are more than red angpaus and Chinese New Year.

For those who are interested in what kind of life do people have in China, here are some fun facts for you.

1. The Chinese use squat toilets, as research has shown squatting helps the digestive system.

2. People don’t use bathtubs and many places have water from showers and the washing machine flows down to the toilet.

© KaptanJakPskorey / pikabu

3. Chinese install bars on windows to prevent thieves as well as keeping their kids from falling out of there.

© raysikh / pikabu

4. New owners install windows themselves as apartments are typically installed without one.

© KaptanJakPskorey / pikabu 

5. This is one crowded country – below is a picture of the entrance exam for art school.

© alreadytakenusername / reddit

6. China has some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes. Below is the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park or Avatar mountains.

© ethan_kahn / reddit
© ahhlew / reddit

7. The Great Wall of China is HUGE and not all of them look the same.

© MontyHudson / reddit   © wikipedia  

8. Panda is a national treasure as they are exclusive to China.

© Chris_Isur_Dude / reddit

9. Modern China is built right next to the Old China.

© moonsprite / reddi

10. Chinese businessmen do anything to attract customers and their workers are ready to do anything to get a job.

11. They also have impressive architecture such as the Guangzhou Yuan, world’s highest round building.

© ResinArtist / reddit

12. China has deep subway stations, like Chongqing, which takes 2.5 minutes downward.

© tootsieroll174 / reddit

13. And they really love massages.

© thedavehughes / reddit

14. Many homes don’t have central heating to save electricity, so people would wear their outerwear indoor.

© Olesya Sohor / vk

15. The same also happens at schools.

© LinaSveta / pikabu

16. Chinese love instant noodles and they now come with a special powder that heats up the noodles without fire.

© McTikhonov / reddit

17. People enjoy eating together in a family restaurant by ordering dishes to eat together on a turning table. This is a very common setting in many restaurants.

© Bartlomiej Magierowski / East News

18. People like to say 666 which reads “liu, liu, liu” that is similar to 溜溜溜 that also means “Cool, cool, cool!”


19. Clubbers put flashlights in mouths to look pretty.

© raysikh / pikabu

20. Night markets are popular and often pops up on streets and pedestrian walkways.

© raysikh / pikabu

© East News

21. Tattoo, permanent makeup, and manicures can also be done on the street.

© raysikh / pikabu

22. Beggars accept donations through the WeChat payment system nowadays. Like Mr. Chen here.

© raysikh / pikabu

23. People also like to take naps as it helps increase their focus and productivity.

© AndrewPro / pikabu

24. Some local dialects can sound really rude and aggressive, but that’s just their normal speaking tones.

© AndrewPro / pikabu

25. Using MSG or flavoring is really common and even considered seasoning here.

© BigPlanet / pikabu

26. Hotpot is also pretty common in China, much like how nabe is enjoyed in Japan. People add meat, seafood, and vegetables as they eat.

© majinz / reddit

27. Passengers are willing to pay for tickets without seats and sleep on the floor for days.

© AFP / East News

28. People wear pajamas on the street.

Johannes Eisele/Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

29. No one follows traffic rules here and you can cross the street wherever, whenever.

© Tim Graham / Robert Harding / East News

30. Parents would also use leash on kids as a precaution as 200,000 children are kidnapped every year in China.

© Not4world / pikabu
© Not4world / pikabu

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