29 Times People Prove Their Absurd Claims With Real Pics

29 Times People Prove Their Absurd Claims With Real Pics

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People like to make up really ridiculous stories to gain fame. A lot of them frame the stories of others as if it happened to them, but they don’t always have the proof. These people, however, managed to shock people with pictures of the things that they claimed to have happened.

Nothing is more shocking right now than these pictures that will absolutely blow your mind away!

Girlfriend took a picture of a rainbow pigeon in London.


Was paddling in the middle of Monterey Bay when this guy decided to rest here for a bit.

Paul Paramore

The sandwich shop offers free food to Liam Neeson, so he took up the offer.


This man’s three-year-old is telling him his pants are falling down.


My aunt was visited by new neighbors!


Meanwhile in Northern Wisconsin.


Spent 8 hours balancing stones on the beaches of Lake Superior and was exhausted. But a big white rock inspired me to try again and it became my favorite of the day.


My mom took a picture of a deer slipping on ice.


I was getting a picture on the boat while traveling with family when these dolphins and their calf jumped out of the water!


Walking out under the moonlight.


Gorgeous, adorable caterpillar with tiny penguins on its back!


Well, class, my dog ate your homework.


I was sitting on the couch with ice pack for my headache when girlfriend told me not to move.


So, it seems that a squirrel fell off the roof.


Robin Williams stopped in to do a surprise set on a show I was hosting. We talked for 20 minutes and took a picture with a camera when he gave me a bear hug.


Rescued this owl which was stuck on a barb wire fence. Cut the wire with shears and it promptly fell into my arms as I brought it to a local DNR office.


I heard what seemed like a murderous scream from the kitchen. I don’t have a goat.


Mom said she was being chased by the rooster. I had to check the security camera to verify the truth.


A friend said his jeep rolled and broke the telephone pole. He wasn’t lying.


The Kansas City Fire Department is saving… members of Kansas City Police Department from the elevator.


A friend said a swan was staring intensely at him at the wedding last night.


This picture of me proposing to my girlfriend revealed a heart between us in the shadow.


Took the archery portion at the nerd fitness camp and I got a freak shot my instructor has never seen before.


Now, we see how these stories of giants turning into mountains came to be.


That’s me playing chess with Morgan Freeman as an 11-year-old.


I had three squirrels in different colors visiting my yard today.


Witnessed this dark magic at the park today.


We haven’t seen each other for years and as I got out of the car after an 8-hour drive, I saw my friend walked out of the house in the exact same shirt.

Alli Marston

This is three phases of a ladybug in a single picture on a single leaf.