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28 Stunning Optical Illusions Without Using Any Editing Software


28 Stunning Optical Illusions Without Using Any Editing Software

It’s about having the imagination.

Tucking in a statue with brick floors and finding yourself as a giant in the middle of Berlin are just some of Tiago Silva’s most amazing work. The man is full of imagination, enjoying his every moment in recreating his visions with just his camera and a lot of jumping at times.

Tiago is not satisfied with just a stunning picture of the sunset – he wants to do something unique with his pictures. Rather than thinking about what to do next, he chooses to live the moment and tries his best in doing what he loves most now: creating optical illusions.

Check out his Instagram page for more mind-blowing optical illusions!

Natural light at Lisboa, 2017.

Struggling graffitis.

Traditional Italian Ice Cream, very light!

Tower head.

She has them in the palm of her hands.

Just dance as if you won’t live to see tomorrow.

Touching hands.

Stop that bull!

What a spectacular view!

What working hard for your dream looks like.

The man behind you.

What’s your favorite book?

Capturing the light.

An endless spiral downward is where I’m going.

Take me far away!

I can fly, too!

Sliding into my morning coffee.

Yup, that’s the man.

Feeding her an empty praise.

The crane worker.

See ya!


Picked up that man.

He asks why you’re hanging upside down.

Mildly pleasing to the eyes.

Be one with the track.


Sleep well, child. Antwerp, Belgium.

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