27 Things That Have Been Very Well-Taken Cared Of And Became History

27 Things That Have Been Very Well-Taken Cared Of And Became History

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If you agree with me that a Denim Jacket can last a decade, then you’re about to see jaws dropping things that can make a remarkable feat. While some of these common things are over a hundred years, they are still used up till today.

Containing many historical stories, you’ll feel honored if you are using any of the items. And sincerely, all it takes is cleaning and keeping these things in good shape from time to time.

Yes! If you do keep things in shape, your items might end being listed here!

My father’s zippo. 27 years old. He gave it to me 2 years ago and it still lights my smokes.

Here’s An Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It Has Been Cleaning The House For Over 40 Years.

Lockwood85 / reddit

“Grandmother still has her WWII Frigidaire Refridgerator, still works without a hitch!”

youOWEme / reddit

Courteney Cox Purchased Same Beautiful Dress 21 Years Ago!

courteneycoxofficial / Instagram

This Transformers Tent Is About 33 Years Old.

houseboy227 / reddit

Runs And Looks Good As New! The Magnificent 60 BMW.

sightlab / reddit

This Is Mr. Allen Swift, Aged 102 Years Old. He Drove His 1982 Roll Royce Piccadily PI Roadster For Nothing Less Than 82 Years.

ClubTactical / reddit

Lasting Forever, This 1969 Raleigh Sports Bicycle Is The Bomb!

mittenthemagnificent / reddit

This Grandpa’s 1969 Omega Chronostop Can Be Sold For 9000 Euros.

RooR_ / reddit

A different kind of ‘gold’. This Levi’s Jeans is world’s oldest, excavated from a goldmine and is about 136 years old.

inpleted / reddit

Grandparent’s Toasting Bread Machine From The 1950s. Still Usable Up Till Today!

Ryanfromithaca / reddit

1950s Dormeyer Silver Star Was Used By Late Grandmother.

gemini8200 / reddit

Since 2001, Boy Has Been Using The Timberland Backpack.

Pondskimmer / reddit

This Frigidaire stove from the 50’s is REPLACING a much newer stove that is more complex to fix.

Yooreka /reddit

Lady’s Most Loved Jean Were Bought By Mother In 1985.

annelinda / reddit

The 1960s, David Douglas Pyrex Percolator Has All Its Original Parts. Brews A Perfect Eight Cup In Just 5min.

SkootchDown / reddit

“My in-laws were brilliant: Le Creuset, purchased 1977.”

cuthman99 / reddit

Mom’s Denim Jacket From Spain. Since 1982.

lost_water_bottle / reddit

It’s Now Owned By A Grandson. This Is Grandpa’s Gold Plated DE Razor.

rivet_head99 / reddit

Sony Trinitron From The Late 60s, Still Playing The Atari 2600 Woody Well.

LePhillip / reddit

Simple but effective. This has been in my pocket 10 years and has opened thousands of beers with no signs of slowing down.

MrStig91 / reddit

This Leather Backpack Owned By My Grandpa Was Bought In 1991.

PoodleFan / reddit

This Toy Car Has Been Used By 7 Kids. It Was Bought 35 Years Ago.

An_antitheist / reddit

A still working Original Game Boy.

wood-garden / reddit

This Fireplace Is Out Of Production And It’s Over 130 Years.

Zulathan / reddit

This 1957 Leica M3 Has Served For 61 Years. But Still Serving.

maximum-aloofness / reddit

Both Mother And Son Have The Same ‘Queen Chair.’ 1977 In West Germany And In 2014 (New Jersey).

wavemotionmachines / reddit