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26 Really Nice Things People Have Done For Others That’ll Make You Happy

Good News

26 Really Nice Things People Have Done For Others That’ll Make You Happy

Beautiful, beautiful world.

Good people still exist in this world. It’s not such a bad place when one person decided to go extra with you and treat you like a decent human being. When money, power and popularity often becomes the spotlight, true compassion and self-sacrifice are so rare to find.

Here are the kindness people have shown for others that’ll definitely make your day so much better. Spread one love a day!

I was laid off last week and my dog walker offered to continue giving walks for free while I look for a new job.

people being bros 26

Nurses/medical staff being bros.

people being bros 25

A text from our landlords this morning.

people being bros 24

Friend’s sister lost her car key while jogging, someone else made sure she found it.

Daughter signs for her hearing impaired father at a rock concert so that he can enjoy the music, too.


During his wedding photoshoot a groom saves a boy from drowning.

people being bros 21

Request was to put as much tomatoes as possible.

people being bros 17

A display at a bridal shop that includes everyone.

people being bros 4

Was asked by The Doubletree Hotel what brought me there and I said it was my son’s 4th birthday. Came into our room.

people being bros 11

Batman is principal at nephew’s school.

people being bros 5

Made a lounger set with table for wife.

people being bros 14

Flight attendant going very extra to help an elderly lady.

people being bros 7

My son wanted to become Fix-It Felir Jr., so we built an arcade machine that fits his chair.

people being bros 20

A cab driver in NYC that makes sure customers stay cool.

people being bros 9

Doctor made an incision around my tattoo on my wrist surgery, he could’ve just cut right through.

people being bros 1

I customized a guitar for a friend.

people being bros 10

Man built a backyard roller coaster for the grandkids.

people being bros 3

This young Enterprise employee spent 30 minutes to make sure a disabled person got the right van for her trip!

people being bros 12

This is Dr. Johnson, my old physics professor, caring for a student’s kids while tutoring.

people being bros 13

Just an officer doing the act of public service.

people being bros 8

My delivery man went extra to make sure the package doesn’t get stolen.

people being bros 15

At the vet with wife, son and cat, my son told the vet his dinosaur is feeling bad, so here’s an X-ray.

people being bros 2

Giving this customer service a 5-star.

people being bros 16

Sister-in-law made this because she knows I love Reese’s.

people being bros 6

This bus driver stood in the way to make sure kids cross the street safely.

people being bros 18

Handmade a treehouse for kids.

people being bros 19

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