26 Pics That Prove Japan Is A Whole Other World

26 Pics That Prove Japan Is A Whole Other World

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There are times when we’d stereotype people based on the one or two pictures from their countries that stood out. Yet, we all know that just like how not all Americans love Starbucks, these pictures of Japan serve the same there.

Even the locals find these moments shocking! As a country that prefers cats over dogs, it’s not every day do you stumble on a stroller filled with gorgeous, lovely cats. Or parents that treat their little furbabies like children!

“The ladies’ bathroom at my nearby mall in Japan. I sure do feel like royalty whenever I’m in there!”


These are like eyeliners, but for hairlines.

Rotating seat in Shinkansen or the Bullet Train!

This group of commuters working together to save a woman trapped under the train.

Norihiro Shigeta

“So I was in Zao Fox Village that are located in Japan, and I saw those foxes that waits for their water.”


A toilet that doubles as the sink. It saves water by flushing with the water you washed your hands with.

The photographers crowded on this particular tree for some reason.

“Everyday there is a designated cleaning time in all public schools.”


A restaurant that supposedly serves food for Sumo players. Ordered their pizzas.

“The note in Japanese says, ‘I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry.'”


Making use of space: parking lots and a Ferris Wheel on rooftops.


“This is how smooth the bullet train is in Japan.”


Halloween is like a cosplay event for Japanese.

“Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business.”


“I’m an American stationed in Japan. Had these two run up to my car at a red light. No, it was not cold outside.”


A fabulous display of menu (all fake!) in Asakusa.

Matthew Yau

“Ordered this from Japan & it came with a little note & origami crane.”


“Someone was bored in a toilet in Japan.”


They’ve got really cool stuff, too: check out this Suspension Railway!

“My mom is visiting Japan. She was not prepared.”


They treat pets like their lovely children.

“This guy walking with a stroller full of cats in Shibuya, Tokyo.”


Walked inside a cute building that turns out to be a waste incinerator!

“Just your standard Tokyo business meeting.”


Tokyo fashion is cute!

“My favorite shop sign in Kyoto. We bought a print from him too. He was so lovely and his work was amazing!”