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25 Unrealistic Things About Women Portrayed In Movies


25 Unrealistic Things About Women Portrayed In Movies

Running in high heels and maxing out credit card to relieve stress?

Movies are fictional settings, so we can’t expect them to be 100% close to reality. But there are just some pet peeves in these movies that seem to depict women unrealistically. It’s like every label has a specific set of characteristics the characters need to follow.

But guess what? Women don’t just talk about guys when they meet. Women can be interested in fashion as well as gaming. These fake, unrealistic depictions need to stop so people won’t keep expecting stuff like this.

It may be the end of the world, but great makeup is important.

These women will still have their armpits, arms, legs, shaved. Basically, they did not let single beauty care go even when the world has ended or when stranded on the sea.

Sleeping outfit.

It’s so common to see women sleep in minimal clothing and underwear, meanwhile, most of us love oversized T-shirts with pants that are just too ugly to wear out.

‘Fat’ women aren’t actually fat.

United International Pictures

Bridget Jones wasn’t fat, but let them convince everyone that having size 12 is equal to being huge. Talking about body positivity.

High school kids looking like adults.

No, high school kids are teens that are still growing. They should be fully developed and have full makeup all the time. They often have acne problems and braces (without having to label them as nerds just because they have braces).

High heels.

Not every woman loves high heels. And certainly, no woman on earth can run in high heels, not especially in these action movies where they run away from, say, a T-rex. Or how their makeup remains perfect and pretty even after all the mess.

Perfect bed hair.


Some women would sleep with messy bun and wake up with the messy bun intact. No, that is not how sleeping works. Bed hair exists.

‘Ugly’ geeks.

TheSpaceMan1985, Columbia Pictures

These female geeks are not ugly at all. They got great makeup, neat hairdos, perfect body posture. How are they ugly?

Lead actress is always skinny.

Columbia Pictures

No offense to skinny women, but how come there aren’t lead actresses who are more than just skinny? There are countless plus-size actresses and the ones who sit between skinny and plus-size.

‘Cool girls’ depiction.

The cool girls are not like other girls and don’t like fashion. They like eating chicken wings, do sports, but all these happening as the so-called makeup hater has full makeup on their face. No, every girl can have a mixture of all these interests.

Never talk about anything but guys with friends.


Not all women are straight, that’s a first. Second, women can talk about anything from Harry Potter to deep topics like philosophy, or even politics. Not just about love life.

The perfect sex.

Apparently, these mature adults in heat never ask the necessary, like using condoms or if she’s on the pill. They just jump right onto it. Sure being super realistic about it in a dramatic love story is not necessary, but it’s so unrealistic… maybe just not put that scene at all?

Showering woman.

Cammon Randle

It looks like there are specific directions in how women should bathe or shower because we don’t shower sensually like that. We use soap to scrub our bodies and it doesn’t always look like we’re modelling inside the shower. And we DON’T have eyeliner and fake lashes on while showering.


Women always end up as happy mothers. Even if they didn’t want kids in the first place.

No hair tie while working out.

Have you ever tried working out without tying your long hair to your back? Do you like the feeling of your own hair whipping against your face and eyes while you run? No, not fun. That scene in ‘She’s the Man’ when Amanda Bynes ran around the field with her long hair whipping around is just driving people up the wall.

Casting age.

The ‘teens’ are actors and actresses aged 25. Their mothers? 35.

Rich, underpaid women.

How does a freelance journalist or small shop owner lives in a big, beautiful apartment?

Matching lingerie.

Matching lingerie all the time? Like you’re ready to get laid 24/7?

Unrealistic casting for professional jobs.

You cannot have surgeons, astrophysicists, history professors acted out by 20-year-old actors or actresses. These are positions really high and hard to achieve and they have to be real geniuses to do so. Plus, women are often facing prejudices in these professions, making it even more impossible to see a 20-year-old surgeon, for example.

Women – vomiting – pregnancy.

Really, these women can’t have something else going on when they vomit? Or a different way to hint that they’re pregnant aside from vomiting?


murderousbudgie, Walt Disney Pictures

Women in 1930s shave their legs and armpits.


Paramount Pictures

Why do women only know how to do manicure and shopping to resolve problems or relieve stress? There are many healthier ways that don’t involve maxing out your credit cards.

Makeover will ‘fix’ any ugly face.


Uh, no. Genuinely ugly people who may have been born with deformities are getting the wrong messages that simply getting makeup for 15 minutes will fix it all.

Running in high heels.


No, running in high heels is really painful and we can’t run in top speed with that. Can’t even last more than 2 hours in them.

It’s the end of the world. Here’s your blush on.


These women never failed to have great makeup even when it’s the end of the world. Even when the world has ended and they’re living in hiding, they will never let go of their makeup. Malorie’s perfect lashes in ‘Bird Box’ is an example.

Superwomen with no muscle.

When superheroes like Superman and Batman have big muscles, how come superwomen only weight 85 pounds and look so skinny?

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