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25 People Share Pics Of Oldest Home Appliances They’re Still Using


25 People Share Pics Of Oldest Home Appliances They’re Still Using

Do you have any long-lived appliance in your home?

Household appliances in the ’70s and ’80s were built to last almost as long as you’re a house owner. When you buy an appliance, there’re chances it would be used for years before thinking of a replacement.

While those days are undeniably long gone, new generations of appliances tend to have little aesthetics in common with the precursors, beginning with lifespan. But here we’re heading back into decades to dig out pictures of appliances purchased a long time ago and still, people are using to date.

We’ll be taking you through 25 photos of people who know how best to take care of their appliances having used them for several years. They are truly lucky, right? Take a look at them!

‘Old Yet A Working MP3 Player With Over 3000 Songs Of My Late Teenage Years’


‘Grandma’s Old Microwave Also Works As A Toaster’


This Old Cooker Equally Still Serves A Dishwasher


‘Stove Of Several Decades Still Works Effectively’


Working Old Iron From Years Back Also Works As A Paper Holder


 Fridge From The 1950’s Still Works Good


This Coffee Maker Is Made In West Germany And It’s So Old


Here’s An Old Dictionary Dad Used To Use And It Still Works Efficiently


Mom Still Has A Working Mixer From The 80s. It Has A Listing Speed To Use For Some Kind Of Foods


Grandpa Still Uses A Old Computer From Years Back. Interestingly He Prints And Stores Documents On Floppies


Grandma’s Maple Rolling Pin, Tin Sifter Circa And Electric Hand Mixer From 1920


Grandpa’s Gas Stove From 1958. Here It Is In A Good Condition


This Waffle Iron From 1958 Is Still In Use And Was Bought 25 Cents At A Garage Sale


This Double Oven Is Efficient From The 1970s


Grandparents 1984 Model Microwave Is Still Used Till Date


Electric Car From 1974 Is Still On The Move


Grandma Recently Moved Into A New Home And As Seen Are Old Phone Is Installed


The Handset In My Friend’s New Living Space. It’s Used To Speak With People Who Ring The Doorbell


Grandpa Atari Computer Has An Orignal Game Cartridge And Works Well


Grandma Still Own A Working Nintendo Alongside A Few Games


Great-Grandparents Phonograph From The 1923 Still Works


This Typewriter From The 50s Operates Perfectly. It’s Owned By My Great Grandma


Sony Trinitron Portable Color TV From 1969 Or 1970 Is Working Incredibly Fine


40-Year-Old Washing Machine Is Still Working


Deep Freezer Bought 54 Years Ago Is Working With No Issues


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