25 Men Who Spent Enough Time And Effort For An Upgraded Look

25 Men Who Spent Enough Time And Effort For An Upgraded Look

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We have seen a lot of women who did many things to change their look. Whether that’s losing or gaining weight, getting a haircut, or stepping up their fashion. There are not enough talking about the guys, yet, we all know one or two guys who now look different. Maybe they took care of themselves more, maybe they tried new looks, or it could be a mix of everything.

Some of these men got a nice haircut even during quarantine; some decided to change their hairstyle and upped their fashion game. Some others lost weight and worked out for that summer bods. Which transformation surprised you the most?

“Decided to take the plunge and do the quarantine cut. I gotta say so far; I like the look. What do you guys think?”


“Post-Quarantine: Shaved My Head. Thoughts?”


“Can I rock the bald look guys?”


“Took the plunge, an improvement? Or not?”


When women enjoy pretty makeup and nails, guys always seem less concerned about the details. It is ubiquitous to see roughed up and tough image when masculine products are being promoted. While this image has recently softened (because let guys are whatever they want to be!), a masculine, confident look still plays a huge part in your life’s

“Sh**ty hairline? No problem, just change your haircut.”


“Weight down, confidence up!”


“I spent 2.5 years on it, but it was worth it.”


“After a lifetime of having ugly teeth, I decided to do something about it. A year in comparison.”


“My 65-year-old dad let me dye his hair purple. I think he looks cute.”


Several cognitive biases can be attributed. Take, for example, the Halo effect – because you look good, people think you are a good person. People will say don’t judge a book by its cover, by watching as people also tend to treat good-looking people better than most. It’s not cheap. That is just how our brain naturally works.

“I finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”


“One year apart. I just changed the haircut.”


“I still struggle with body image and disordered eating but today? Today, I’m proud.”


“I lost weight and grew a beard.”


“Me before and after my hair transplant.”


“The difference a small restyle can make.”


“This is what happens when you exercise 20 minutes a day for one year.”


“My husband’s makeover.”


“I struggled with an eating disorder for years, but powerlifting saved me.”


“I’m an albino. I just dyed my eyebrows and stopped cutting my hair short.”


This will also hurt to know, but attractive people make more than their peers. Forbes wrote that this is “a well-accepted understanding based on real data.” But there’s more to this as the study also concluded that “more attractive workers are simultaneously healthier, more intelligent and have better (in particular, more conscientious, more extraverted, and less neurotic) personality more conducive to earning more.”

That’s a good look coupled with good health, a good brain, and a good personality.

“I’m finally happy with my skin.”


“Results after 6 months of training.”


“Me wearing shirts. 2017 vs 2020.”


“I’m never going to be clean shaven again!”


“A few years passed before I finally felt confident enough to post my own progress.”


“I just changed some eating habits and began to exercise more frequently. I know it’s not a lot of weight loss, but everyone around has really noticed it and I’m feeling more confident.”


Maybe the first step to changing your look is just a haircut away? Or it could be the dental care that you’ve been putting on hold for years.