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25 Functional Designs That Got Us Feel Super Grateful To Designers


25 Functional Designs That Got Us Feel Super Grateful To Designers

Ah, if only they are available from where I am!

There are some products and designs made for the purpose of aesthetics while others are for practical purposes. These days, people try hard to come up with product designs that are not just aesthetics, but also useful. We know there are those who failed.

But there are also designers who manage to solve so many seemingly trivial issues that Green Lemon just had to share them with you.

1. This cowboy hat is also a hard hat on the inside.

© Bannybear1 / reddit

2. This bench can be rotated to the other side when it rains or is dirty.

© sung woo park /

3. This school has kids’ desk equipped with pedals so they can keep moving while learning.

© LurkerMcLurkerton / reddit

4. This trash can that simply shows who you stan.

© Seth_Leaveon / reddit

5. A gas station in Seoul that hangs from the roof, so you can park from any direction.

© Unknown / reddit

6. This fake TV simulator.

© skymaredreamseek / reddit

7. This description that tells you how many words you can write with it.

© SatanPuntMeN2TheVoid / reddit

8. Now you can really clean your smartphone’s screen with your tie with this microfiber lining.

© Unknown / reddit

9. Leaf basket that keeps the drains clear.

© tec_const / Instagram

10. This ATM lets you choose your bills.

© the_next_cheesus / reddit

11. An elevator with buttons meant for the feet.

© Gabe6238 / imgur

12. A cashless tip jar.

© McBloggenstein / reddit

13. This car mutes your songs until your seatbelt is on.

© Leavemymarc / reddit

14. This toilet paper has a smaller roll you can take for traveling.

© BrndyAlxndr / reddit

15. A built-in water pitcher inside this fridge.

© DwightCharlieQuint / reddit

16. Doctor installed ‘Where’s Waldo?’ picture on the ceiling to keep patients entertained.

© mtmannion / reddit

17. This store has a winter simulator to test out winter clothings.

© j1ggy / reddit

18. You can park your dog here.

© rafaturtle / reddit

19. A dressing room that allows you to adjust the lighting.

© ellesapple / reddit

20. This hotel has a separate black towel for makeup.

© DasAdam / reddit

21. This vending machine has treats for dogs.

© homeskilet92 / reddit

22. London’s phoneboxes is repurposed as defibrillator stations.

© alphabetts / reddit

23. This bar with lockers is where you can charge your phone while you are away.

© jellyfish007 / reddit

24. This potato chip container has a tab to lift chips up.

© bakaken / reddit

25. A pet relief station. Cute!

© twotea / reddit

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