Lovely and cute illustrations of couple who enjoy the small things in life

24 Relatable Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things

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We always love cute and wholesome illustrations of couple in love without glamorous celebrations and expensive entertainment. We’ve seen so many couple goals posts that focus on going to exotic places together and going through worldwide experiences together. But happiness can be much simpler than that!

Artist Philippa Rice is the author of Soppy, a comic book about a couple that fell in love with each other. They have a normal life like everyone else, but they focus the most on the little things they enjoy in life. Check out her site at philippajrice for more!

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The random times when we end up hugging each other at sleep.

Normal tasks always so much fun when we do it together.

Cooking is always fun, even though we both have no ideas what we’re doing.

We also love the random times we set things aside for a hug!

Our first of everything is always memorable.

A blissful morning as we begin our day is always brighter.

This is our favorite cafe!

The autumn wind is cold, but my heart stays warm with you.

We also figured out our favorite cuddling position.

I love those hours we spent building an IKEA furniture.

The most important thing? Apologizing.

Grocery shopping is also fun!

Another random thing I love to do: sleeping on your lap.

Everything looks so new and different, even this neighborhood park, with you.

I don’t ask for much, I just want to be with you.

Dinner plans are always in jeopardy because I love pizza.

We’d read in bed together after a tiring day but even that is happiness for us.

We compromise, because it means our happiness.

Asking the important question here.

The weather is bad, but no problem. I’m holding your hand.

Tiny matters still matter to me.

I love those long talks I have with you on bed.

We’re always heading towards the same direction.

A happy forever after we can only see each other in!