23 Pics Show How Teenagers Looked Like 100 Years Ago

23 Pics Show How Teenagers Looked Like 100 Years Ago

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Fashion these days is a choice of liberty we can choose. It is not as strict as it was back in the days and people do not wear their traditional clothes all the time nowadays. But can you imagine what a ‘yearbook’ would look like a hundred years ago? The school did not even exist for some of these people!

What we consider as vintage, old, or even weird these days were the fashion trend of that day. They were particularly exquisite and also opens our eyes to a life that was once considered the ‘normal’ for teenagers of the past.



The fashion statement for women of that time is a white dress with drapes and loose arm sleeves. Their hairs are often done in gorgeous braids that we still a lot of women love doing today. The men, of course, like to show off in their sailor uniforms.

Nepal and China


In many Asian countries, wearing jewelries for women is a must if they want to attract a potential suitor. They represent not just themselves, but also their family with it. Fortunately, as teenagers at school, they wear uniforms that are much lighter.



In England, people had preferred comfortable looks since then. But even so, influences from Victorian eras were still common and women still love gowns, although they have long advanced from the frilly and puffy gowns of that time.

Scotland and Ireland

Irish Central

The Scottish has it a bit different as they hold on to their tradition much tighter than their neighboring country. As we know the men wear the kilts and it’s considered proper any time, both during formal and informal occasions, depending on the pattern, colors, and style. On the right side, we see an example of a girl’s fashion at that time.

Romania and Albania

Discovering Albania

The classic gypsy looks from Albania and Romania can be mesmerizing to look at. Their unique choice of style, long curly hairs, and strong independent vibes are still very much alive to this day.



A lot of us know the Japanese wear kimonos. School uniforms began taking a course during the 1880s, as the government began encouraging western-style clothing. But you’ll still see the adults and elderly wear their traditional clothing at home as that’s what they’re more comfortable with. Their most iconic uniform was the ‘sailor uniforms’ because they were easy to make and considered cute!

Argentina and Mexico

Frida Kahlo

The men have the typical looks of boys during the 1900s, but the girls tend to have it different from one country to the other. Just like how Frida Kahlo dressed with a big ribbon headdress and a strong appearance (because they didn’t use to encourage smiling in pictures back in the days!).



Meanwhile, in Spain, it was an age where teenagers want to look as mature as possible. Just like ho, these women chose an elegant dress with puffed hairs that gives them that adult-vibe in the portrait. The guy is all fancy in a tuxedo with a bow tie.

Poland and Estonia


Estonian teenagers took as off-guard here – we do NOT encourage smoking, but dang these girls were on fire. They are vibing and to think this was from around 100 years ago? On the polar opposite is the good girl vibe from Estonia with her plain and elegant full-body dress.

Greece and Cyprus

The men on the right are wearing a full formal suit with the headdress. On the left, the students from Cyprus wore their school uniforms which include a tie as well as skirts which length reaches below their knees.



The picture on the left is a Hungarian family with the girl in the middle wearing what seems to be a sailor uniform. On the right is a man looking fashionable and ‘lit’ during their time in a tuxedo complete with the hat.

Austria and Luxembourg

carolathhabsburg, my-little-time-machine

The sailor looks every boy wants to look cool in and the gorgeous, cute, frilly, dress every girl wants to be in. Huge headdresses were also the thing back then.


Old Indian Photos

The women of Indian still wear their saris up to these days. But back then, not all Indian women can vibe like this lady right here! That man is wearing a suit, but they didn’t seem to see anything wrong with him as he was wearing shorts with it.

Australia and New Zealand


Australian, or Aussies, saw fashion trend rising in long skirts with high collars. The Aborigines and native New Zealanders still wore their proud traditional clothing that was, of course, hand made out of natural materials.


Out of My Gord, pinterest

Can you guess how it was in America? Well, if most of you have looked through your grandparents’ old albums, you could probably guess what they were! Yep, the men had pretty classic looks that were common all over Europe, England, and America (boring, isn’t it?). The natives, though, now that’s original and beautiful.


flickr, carolathhabsburg

Is this really from 100 years ago? Belgians had got fashion ahead of time and check out this man who had a fine hair cut, formal and still sleek look in his tuxedo. The woman? Well, she really knew how to rock her legs in black stockings.


Vintag, tumblr

The Netherlands may have spent a lot of their life on farms, but once they dress up, they look fine as hell. And they really know how to use animals to their advantage in pictures – if they had Instagram, they would’ve gone viral with these.

Sweden and Finland


The Finnish and Swedish have similar cultures and therefor, fashion trends. They both wear sailor uniforms as well as elegant, simple dresses.



The Russians really know they look awesome in these pictures. The women had high collars in their brown dresses with a neat hairdo while the men love being in uniforms. That’s what they considered as cool from that time.


Rene Lacoste

France, ah, the country of a fashion icon. Everything that happens around the world first happens here if that has to do with fashion. No wonder, this fine man you see on the right is Lacoste’s founder himself, Rene Lacoste. It doesn’t even feel like this was from a decade ago, much less, a century ago.



The Filipinos have been sporting fashion trends of tropical lands since way back then. At the same time, they also rock their traditional looks and the fusion of both. Honestly, can’t believe this Asian country has a more open look compared to western’s fashion trend of that time!


Nero Tipo siciliani

The Italians still rock the same beauty their ancestors of Romans used to do. But the 20th century was also the year that Italian designers began their rise, among them Elsa Schiaparelli as well as Coco Chanel.


Wikimedia Foundation, flickr

In Algeria, the people were still wearing their traditional headdress with drapery around the body.