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23 Details About Wedding That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Lot Brilliant


23 Details About Wedding That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Lot Brilliant

You should try them!

Budtender, leaves, and challenges to get your guests get a shot before a seat is everything you can try for your wedding. What’s so interesting is that these ideas are so easy to implement but will definitely make your wedding a lot more fun and memorable.

Greenlemon has compiled the top 23 ideas you definitely should try at your wedding.

1. One shot before the seat!

2. Find your secret seat position spy-style.

3. What about an adorable mini-tissue box?

4. What about these budtenders?

5. Pearl manicures for pearl lovers.


6. Really, just rock those denim jackets you love so much!


7. Don’t forget to dress your pets in matching suits!

8. If you’re wondering, yes, this is a pretzel bar.

9. Beautiful, rustic and natural way to lead your guests to their seats.

10. Let’s be eco-friendly and still fun, shall we?

11. Sage and smudge sticks to stay happy and calm.

12. Adorable handy wipes because you know the aftermath of good BBQs.

13. Sexy back means decorative back statement necklace time!

14. Ankle corsage and barefoot wedding look for that gorgeous rustic and natural look.

15. Glow-in-the-dark cornhole because, really, who hates them?

16. Keep guests hydrated, let them go home with a souvenir and less things to clean for you!

17. Leave your secret love message under their foot.


…or beautiful calligraphy!


18. Simple cake with a bow can make a much more stronger impression than you think.


19. Feeling dark and loves Halloween? Get guests to carry candlesticks to light up the night.

20. Leave some seed packets so your guests can watch love grow.


21. Get the maidens and bridesmaids to hit the tambourines and dance to the beat like how we used to.


22. These simple gold hoops that looks so pretty.

Donny Tidmore / Via

23. Acrylic sign board that can be hung for display instead of a guestbook.

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