22 Things Kids These Days Won't Ever Understand The Struggle Of Millennials

22 Things Kids These Days Won’t Ever Understand The Struggle Of Millennials

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It seems that children of this age are born right when we don’t ‘hang up’ our phones anymore and that car windows don’t have to be ‘rolled down’. To them, most screens are touch-responsive and it was ridiculous that we used to need 4 taps just to type an ‘s’ on our phone. Plus, our phone used to resemble a real, durable brick, unlike a fragile $1,500 phone these days.

Ah, the nostalgia. Some of you probably still keep old collections of that time and can’t wait to show them to your kids when they grow up just to let them know how easy they have it today!

Phones only had internal memory and this happened. A lot.


Way before iPod was this dope MP3 player.

Kids today with their bluelight screen will never understand!


Remember running your games on Channel 3?


Remember when we used to ‘ring numbers’ and ‘hang up’ the phone?


They will never understand.


Kids don’t even know computers used to loud.


Emojis were just 12 emoticons.

We used to have different devices for music and phone!


The adrenaline, we were Olympians of our times!


Planning for date be like:


Remember when Netflix was mainly physical?


Phone calls weren’t cheap.

Plus we know how to burn CDs and always turn off and on devices when they’re bugging!


Texting was a sport.

Age in a phrase.


And your mom thought it’s great to make a call at 98%.


Or when your player won’t read your newly burnt CD.


Kids really have everything on a silver plate these days!


Kids won’t even know what this is!

And printing out directions beforehand.


To have them come out blurry, or simply missing the main subject.