22 Stunning Pics That Show The Stages Of Life Forming Until A Child Is Born

22 Stunning Pics That Show The Stages Of Life Forming Until A Child Is Born

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From birth to passing away, life remains a continuous series of events. We (humans) are used to believing that the inception of life starts with a pregnant woman, a baby, before growing into an adult, making friends amidst others.

The final stage is growing old and watching the children and grandchildren grow as well. But wait, have you ever imagined how a baby is formed before he or she is born? Lennart Nilsson has done the imagination, hence don’t stress yourself further. The Swedish photographer, who lived from 1922 to 2017 was a known science enthusiast.

Using his photography skills, the scientist went on to document photos on the process of how a baby is born to the world. A Magazine ‘LIFE’ published some of the amazing photos in 1965 and has since then been garnering likes and comments if stumbled upon on the internet.

The first-ever photos Lennart took were in 1957 and they were in black and white, but the process repetition which took place in 1965 brought out incredible photos that we couldn’t overlook but share for your perusal. Besides, if you haven’t appreciated life forming all the while, it’s high time you do! These photos are undeniably a million words.

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#1 The initial stage of conception

The sperm is moving towards the egg through the fallopian tube.

#2 Spermatozoon swam swiftly towards egg via fallopian tube

The egg with which the sperm will fuse.

#3 The Attraction

The moment when the sperm meets the egg. A very crucial stage.

#4 The Entrance

One out of many sperms is chosen to fuse with the egg. This is one of the most beautiful photographs ever.

#5 A close picture of a spermatozoon

The head of the spermatozoon has all the genetic material.

#6 Baby In Womb

It takes a week for the embryo to move from the fallopian tube to the womb. And the childbirth starts here.

#7 Implantation

A week has passed and the embryo is attached to the womb’s wall. This stage is crucial for the baby to be born.

#8 Day 22

A 22 days old embryo looks like this. The grey area later develops into a brain.

#9 Beating heart on day 18

The heart of the child being born develops on the 18th day.

#10 Little cutie on day 28

This is how a cute little fetus looks after 28 days of fertilization. the little bundle of joy.

#11 The face starts developing

After 5 weeks the fetus is about 9 millimeter in size and starts developing the crevices of the face.

#12 Day 40

The placenta starts forming at around day 40.

#13 Adorable life forming inside continues to grow

8 weeks have passed and every initial stage has been crossed. Here is how the child looks when it’s just an 8 weeks old embryo.

#14 10th week

The eyelids finally open during the 10th week and slowly, the eyes are formed.

#15 The hands start moving slowly

The fetus understands the womb using the fingers.

#16 Week 16

The form of the full-grown baby is visible.

#17 Developed nerves

You can be able to visualize the blood vessels of the baby under the translucent skin.

#18 Week 18, it listens

On the 18th week, the fetus can start detecting the sound coming from the outside environment.

#19 19 Weeks

#20 20 Weeks

Approximately 20cm. Woolly hair, known as lanugo, covers the entire head.

#21 24 Weeks

#22 26 Weeks