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22 People Who Wanted To Look Stunning On Instagram But Failed Hilariously


22 People Who Wanted To Look Stunning On Instagram But Failed Hilariously

….stop tagging me, please.

Everyone wants to look good in the pictures they post. Some people take makeup and learn the right pose to strike, but others do go a little overboard with their editing… like, since when does a nose looks like a stick? But reality is often disappointing, we all have to admit that.

You’re also not the only person who’s always upset with your friend tagging you on the ugliest group picture on Instagram out of 10 that were snapped. But hey, Green Lemon thinks it’s a nice chance to laugh it off because these people might have it worse than you!

She might not be able to breathe.

© DismalRae / Reddit

This nightmare of a Photoshop.

© ineverlikedyoulinda / Reddit   © mattkuwata_official2018 / Instagram   © poyo_ngy / Instagram

It’s all about your perspective.

© lowkeykathyyyy / Reddit

Such bright teeth.

© purpleyellowpaint / Reddit

When tagged vs. personal post exist in a single picture.

© DanteMarlvin / Reddit

That mole was the only hint.

© hecasselm / Reddit

Face: Tag me in my best picture, or else.

© cherryflan / Reddit

Going on a date vs. group selfie with besties.

© omrimayo / Reddit

He be using filters even on his YouTube videos.

© quinnpenskey / Reddit

She became a joke in the video.

Celebrity selfie vs. paparazzi.

© -Vampyroteuthis- / Reddit

He wants to look brutal. Please, he looks so sad now.

© helloitsmeonion / Reddit

She is running for mayor.

© e_lime_pie / Reddit   © CORTNEY NIELSEN

She looks lovely in both, to be honest.

© mizmahoney / Reddit

When your hair is rainproof.

© ashlitty / Reddit

When your heavy makeup is catered to only selfies.

© Pookiebobi / Reddit

Your face when you hate pictures that conform to your reality.

© offitat / Reddit

Yeah, these are the same person.

© malicesfx / Reddit

When mom post a family picture:

© shinymakeup / Reddit

Before kids vs. first day being a mom.

© jlm8981victorian / Reddit

The power of makeup.

© nokia621 / Reddit

When you’re off to party vs. the picture your mom get when she comes by.

© ami_toonaive / Reddit

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