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22 People Share Real Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole-Lot Easier

Life Hack

22 People Share Real Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole-Lot Easier

Amazing life hacks.

House chores do not need to be part of a horror show. We all know that if you work, you probably don’t have a lot of free time to do all the chores. Simple life hacks often make some chores a benign part of life, but we also understand that reading all the long manuals and instructions might seem to make things harder. Why not just ask other people for advice, it’s much easier.

Among Internet users, there are a lot of clever and experienced people that can quickly explain what to do and how to do it. we made one fascinating collection of smart tricks that will help you solve small- annoying problems while saving you save you some time and money.

Cleaning and laundry


Cleaning countertops and working areas are no fun, especially when the result is a dozen paper towels strewn all over. ThatOneNi**leHair has a better alternative that will leave you a neat working space. The secret trick she learned from her dear mom is using those ratty old white T-shirts. They are perfect for cleaning, and once you’re done, just throw them in some bleach ready for the next cleaning job.


Twitter user nekohyuka discovered an ingenious way of getting rid of that foul smell in a frying pan by using a common cooking ingredient. To freshen up that pan, pour in a bit of vinegar, heat up the pan, and let the vinegar evaporate; voila.


Trying to clean food bits and Oil drops around the stove can be an uphill task requiring such patience. Try scrubbing them off with regular detergent or a bunch of internet remedies like soda, special detergents leave one only exasperated and still, the work remains half-done.

One Podslushano Lifehacks found a simple solution that will save you energy and time. Start by Spraying some detergent on the wall, take a sponge and a hairdryer with low air. The spots disappear immediately without having to do much work.


If you have been wondering how to wash those plastic shower curtains? Well, a regular washer does the job well. As Midnight_Flowers explains, It can be a bit tricky if your washer is on the small side but it can be done. Throw in some bleach and use hot water to get those crisp, clean curtains.


Use Coffee Filters to clean off those stains on glass for a lint-free and streak-free shine. tricaratops


It’s uncommon to find malfunctioned zipper caused by abrasive action during washing. However, to prevent this alpha___scorpii advises zipping any laundry before washing to maintain the functionality of the zipper.


People having long hair or those living with furry let’s have one constant problem. hair gets stuck in the bathtub pipes. Declogging the drain can be tiring and often frustrating. ObedenniiPereriv might just have a simpler way to go about it: Purchasing a tube of depilation cream and pouring some down the drain dissolves the hair. Works like magic.


Men are known to have a little problem with finding and matching socks. Often, wives bear the brunt of having to locate the other missing sock. One wife Podslushano simply took all of her husband’s socks and bought new ones. All the same. Identical brands, shapes, sizes, colors. 50 pairs. Now they all match.



If you want to cook perfectly shaped cheese pancakes, cover the dough with a narrow glass and start turning it. The pancake will be perfectly round.


If you peeled too many potatoes and can’t use all of them at the moment, don’t throw them away: jamespandaman found a simple way to keep them fresh for longer, just put them in the water in clean water.


Don’t be quick to throw away that stale bread, as grekov1ch found out, to make it soft, put the bread in the microwave oven with a glass of water next to it. Keep it there for 30 seconds and the bread will be fresh as freshly baked.


For that perfect crunchy toast, Twitter user pianeynonebuhau advises sprinkling it with water, just a bit, before putting it into the toaster.


If you want to cook perfectly shaped cheese pancakes, cover the dough with a narrow glass and start turning it. The pancake will be perfectly round.

Beauty and Health


Ever been to a loud concert or club and after leaving the noise behind, all you feel your ears are ringing? You might even have trouble adjusting to quieter noises. To do away with this uneasy feeling pappy_van_sprinkle advises one to cover their ears using the palms while fingers are wrapped snuggly around the back of the head.

Then use the first and middle fingers on each hand to make a flicking motion at the back of the head a couple of times. This should do the trick and in a manner of minutes, the ringing should subside, and hearing resumes.


Most beauty products have a shelf life of 6 months from the day it was opened. Keeping track of the weeks and memorizing which products should be thrown away can be a real challenge. Podslushano decided to open new products right after the New Year. Since then, she had no problems since she just empties her shelf around July exactly six months.


While doing pull-ups FloralBison advises that you try to imagine yourself pulling the elbows down, instead of the body up. This mental trick can make doing this exercise feel easier because it forces one to use the muscles of the back more.


Podslushano Lifehacks shares a secret she was let on about salons. Suppose you are in need of a hairdo and you see a hairdresser with good hair and another one with bad hair, go to the latter. They often take care of each other’s hair, so if someone has good hair, you need their colleague.


Online scammers are one annoying lot and it might pay to know a trick or two on how to deal with them. WADS1 discovers that when someone called him with deals about credit cards, Internet services, and stuff like that, he always asked the caller to read the entire text of the contract. The callers are usually thrown off balance by the response shocked and hang up never call again.


A life hack many people certainly need. When out for shopping, Podslushano Lifehacks advises that you should look as bad as possible. No makeup, no good hair — and a terrible mood to cap it off. if a piece of clothing makes you look and feel better, it’s a good choice and you should buy it.


Cultivating a reading culture within oneself can be a daunting task for some book lovers. Even with the burning desire to read, it might prove hard getting past a few chapters Podslushano Lifehacks made a rule to always read pages — it’s usually easy and even encouraging.


Finding trouble writing on a piece of paper? It means that the particular spot on the paper has grease making it impossible for the pen to write… Podslushano Lifehacks uses a simple trick to correct this. He rubs the spot with an eraser making it writable again.

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