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22 Hilarious Tweets That Just Sum Up The Life Of Millennials In Their 30s


22 Hilarious Tweets That Just Sum Up The Life Of Millennials In Their 30s

Can you feel that midlife crisis approaching?

Are you in your 30s? Must be a millennial then and we really hope that you don’t experience any sort of back pain or mid-life crisis. But in case that you do, these tweets must be representing your very life right now.

Whether you are single with no kids or married with several kids, being a millennial at its 30 in 2020 is certainly… something. Green Lemon thinks it’s all about having enough motivation to be something you promised yourself years ago (assuming you still remember what it was)!

1. Yeah… about that home.

Your Best Friend

2. Have a kid, they say. It’ll be fun, they say.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

3. TikTok got me in my 30s like:

Lindsay Theisen

4. When you thought acne age.

Anne Thériault

5. Yet, you live with him until way beyond your 20s.

Reverend Scott

6. And then there’s me.

alina pleskova

7. Lactose what?

Natasha Rothwell

8. When hungover reminds you of your age.

Your Best Friend

9. In my 40s: Son, can you play that song-


10. Tag yourself, I’m the puppy.

Netflix US

11. How dare you define me?!


12. Mood.

Not Matt Moscona

13. And still writes the date as 2019.

brain genius

14. That backpain.


15. On Tinder: I have trauma of pineapples on pizza.

Chris Stedman

16. You’re on your own.


17. B**ch, you better take me seriously.


18. Me: why do anyone want kids.


19. And proceeds to write in 280 characters why you are lazy and pessimistic in life.

lexxy⁷  ECCC X4

20. And then woken up by kids at midnight.

Morgan Housel

21. Techie doesn’t relate.

Lori G

22. I’m actually happy to hear that. It makes me different (aka weird) from others.

Rave Sashayed

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