21 People Who Couldn't Find The Perfect Outfit, So They Made It Themselves

21 People Who Couldn’t Find The Perfect Outfit, So They Made It Themselves

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For most of us who were not born with a silver spoon, designer items really cost an arm and a leg. There’s the custom tailoring option, but obviously, the chances are meager that we’d even consider that. But, it’s not the end – some have decided to make their own dress for themselves!

You really don’t have to give up on your fashion dreams if you really want it. By picking up a bit of basic sewing, even beginners can learn to make a simple but classic and elegant gown for your special day. Maybe these ladies can inspire you to sew your dream look!

“The completed look- a men’s button-down I refashioned to a wrap top and a pair of pants I made from a bedsheet.”


“Been working on my weaving skills to make fabric for garments. Quite pleased with how it’s going.”


“Snake witch two-piece ensemble.”


Sewing is a basic skill that, unfortunately, many of us don’t possess. Due to how some men are raised with the idea that sewing is meant for girls and a reduced interest in sewing, a button loose often poses huge trouble for many. Almost 60% of the British don’t know how to sew, with a third of the survey participants never learned how to sew at all.

“I made a new thing”


“Self-drafted jacket and pants! Best worn for: twirling, dancing.”


“I made my first full set! A cape and a matching pencil skirt.”


“Nothing beats the feeling of a custom bias silk dress. I drafted the pattern myself and created my wedding outfit.”


I’ve never sewed, but I decided to make a dress from scratch.


“I sewed a skirt and a neckerchief while following a YouTube video. These are the first pieces of clothes I made myself, and I wear them with pleasure in public.”


“I made a tiger print dress today. I spent 4 hours on it, but I like how it fits.”


But sewing is indeed an ancient art beloved by many as a pastime activity. In a New York Times 1990 article ‘An Ancient Skill, Sewing, is Revived,’ over 60% of American teenagers, both girls and boys, knew how to sew. Most of them enjoyed sewing for fun. Sewing classes were part of schools’ lesson and funny enough, we see an increase of request to include this as a necessary part of Home Economics classes.

“I made a blue dress in a retro style with embroidery and pockets. And from remnants of fabric, I also made a belt and a handbag.”


“I designed and made my prom dress myself.”


“I sewed a high neck cape with a belt from Vogue patterns. Toward the end, my machine stopped working so the buttons and belt are hand-sewn!”


“Prom night didn’t happen this year, but at least I can still twirl around in the ball gown I made.”


“The vintage dress I made myself.”


“I sewed a pleated skirt and a matching cropped jacket using a self-drafted pattern.”


Did you also know that origin of sewing can be traced back as early as during the stone age. Ancient people from various backgrounds developed their own sewing techniques. The Inuit sew together reindeer’s tendon with needles made of bones, the Indians made their tent or ‘tipi’ by sewing animal hides, and the Africans weaved leaves to make household items, such as baskets.

“My son made this dress out of plastic bags with help of a sewing machine and hot glue. He did it for the first time for a school project and won 2 scholarships.”


“Multiple mental breakdowns, a broken needle, and 48+ hours of work to make an, ’I inherited my vanished husband’s riches’ robe.”


“I got inspired by Grace Kelly’s outfit from ‘Rear Window’, spent $50 on fabric, and made this dress for my parents’ Christmas party.”

“I designed and sewed a coat for myself. I like it.”


“Puff sleeves are trending so I decided to make an outfit in a gothic, clown style.”


Are you interested to pick up a new hobby this weekend? You might end up with a nice new dress for Christmas!