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21 Amazing Couple Costumes For Halloween That Are Not Nauseating


21 Amazing Couple Costumes For Halloween That Are Not Nauseating

Terrifying, creative and cute!

Couples can sometimes get really ‘too much’ on showing their love for each other and during Halloween, it gets a bit nauseating. But these couples do not want your typical couple cosplay of Bella and Edward from ‘Twilight’. Either they become truly horrifying or creative.

Green Lemon will show you 21 of the best couple costumes this year that are cute with the right amount of creativity and horror.

1. Tornado of love and her radar.

u/brigiebetch / Via reddit

2. Elizabeth Warren with Beto O’Rourke.


3. Twins from ‘The Shining’.

u/Lucius_Annaeus_Senec / Via reddit

4. Moth and his lamp.

u/PepPepper / Via reddit

5. ‘White Chicks’ Brittany and Tiffany Wilson nailing the choreo.

6. This married couple decided to be a VSCO girl and eBoy.

7. TV’s first interracial kiss from ‘Star Trek’.

/UnderCoverSquid / Via reddit

8. Raccoon and her trashbin.

u/Forgott3n / Via reddit

9. The adorable bee and her beekeeper.

u/lilplantlady / Via reddit

10. How about Georgie and Pennywise?

11. Dora and the she can’t stand //muah.

12. Mom with her baby name board.

13. The green soldiers’ couple.

14. Hopper and Joyce Byers.

u/TheJuliettest / Via reddit

15. A black plague doctor with an anti-vaxxer.

u/AtomicAsh_182 / Via reddit

16. They are the ‘French kiss’.

u/ninjajazza / Via reddit

17. Curious George with The Man in Yellow Hat.

u/beantowngall / Via reddit

18. Grandma and her LIFE ALERT button.

u/Yellowbellies2 / Via reddit

19. Poseidon and a mermaid.

u/krystallej / Via reddit

20. Miss Trunchbull serving Matilda a cake.


21. Bob Ross with a ‘Happy Tree’.

u/miss_kittycat88 / Via reddit

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