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20 Pictures Prove Living With Men Is Full of Surprises


20 Pictures Prove Living With Men Is Full of Surprises

How’s living with your brothers/husband like?

Hi Readers,

The major reason I am writing this article is to introduce you to men whose thought is certainly out of the world. These men can easily transform an Oven mitt into the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, gifts their spouse with a pillow fixed with their favorite actor’s face and tells how the right bouquet of flowers is supposed to be.

Greenlemon knows you’re eager to meet these men, so here we go!!

#1 ‘We Were Invited To A Wedding By Boyfriend’s Sister. I Was To Get An Info Concerning The Decorations So I Could Choose A Befitting Dress’

© RachhMiller6 / Twitter  

#2 ‘When My Husband Questioned Me About Where The Markers Were, I Should Have Thought As Much’

© unknown author / Imgur  

#3 He Tried Cracking A Walnut With His Bare Hands

#4 It’s 1:30 A.M. Here And My Boyfriend Just Shot A Cockroach With A Dart Gun… He Didn’t Use A Shoe!

© kkaylihebert / Twitter  

#5 She Never For Once Told Me She Was The One Who Added The Soap

© robinschaer / Twitter  

#6 The Chapstick That My Boyfriend Just Bit Into…

© foxeir / Reddit  

#7 Yearly, I And My Twin Goes To Withdraw $100 Bill To Give Each Other And Then Return To Deposit It Back. We’ve Been Doing This Since Age 15. Happy 39th Twinny!

© ammo4280 / Reddit  

#8 ‘My Wife Hates With A Deep-Seated Passion – Nicholas Cage’

© / Reddit  

#9 ‘We Had Our 1st Baby In December And On Valentine’s Day, This Is What I Came Home To’

© heycarla / Reddit  

#10 ‘After Taking A Few Shots At JC Penny Studios, We Placed It Up On A Billboard In Our Hometown’

© Whodatboi69 / Reddit  

#11 ‘My Husband Carefully Cuts The Pizza. He Doesn’t Intend Slicing Through A Pepperoni’

© lordofthepotterfiles / Reddit  

#12 The Best Husband –Knows His Wife Too Well

© unknown author / Imgur  

#13 ‘Don’t Ever Say I Didn’t Get You, Flowers,’ Here’s Your Early Valentine’s Day Gift’

© skittlewig / Reddit  

#14 ‘My Partner Draws Faces On Fruits And Vegetables That I Bought, But Forget To Eat Them’

© ayrtz111 / Reddit  

#15 ‘Knew Dry Shampoo Existed But Don’t Know Anything Else About It’

© blaec_francis / Twitter  

#16 ‘We Agreed On Getting Healthier, So My Husband Placed Up Motivational Signs Around The House.’ This Is Placed On The Fridge’

© ElectricAndromeda / Reddit  

#17 ‘I Went To The Bank To Cash A Check And My Boyfriend Got Bored. He’s Really A Keeper’

© meb136369 / Reddit  

#18 ‘Husband Broke My Mixer Years Back’

© ashleykailani / Imgur  

#19 ‘When You Already Know What Your Opponent Is Planning

© ecogggswell / Twitter  

#20 ‘Do You Think She Will Notice? I Added Moss Man’

© JBizNES / Reddit  

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