20 Pics That Were Captured At Insanely Perfect Time

20 Pics That Were Captured At Insanely Perfect Time

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The impeccable timings that these people got when they tap on the shutter button are amazing. A lot of professional photographers have to spend hours snapping the same scenery to get that one moment. In fact, it’s not rare to find out how nature photographers, in particular, spend weeks sitting in the same spot for a good picture.

These are coincidences, but by no means do they reduce the quality of the masterpiece produced. Luck is a skill that not many people have, and you can’t deny that after seeing these!

“A giant dog roams over a freshly plowed street.”


“I’ll just take this.”


Before camera became so easy to use today, it used be pretty huge and hard to complicated to operate. The first camera that we are familiar with is invented by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1816, but is not the same as the man who proposed the idea of capturing a still image and then projecting it elsewhere.

“Lightning striking simultaneously on Chicago’s three tallest buildings.”


“One second before disaster.”


“When you’re just trying to get a chill outfit selfie.”


“The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender.”


“When speed and idleness met in one frame.”


“My friend used to love that parrot.”


“A yellow warbler flew into frame, whilst taking a snap of an iguana.”


“Tree makes it look like the guy has an afro.”


Camera is not an English word. It comes from the Latin word ‘camera obscura,’ which literally means ‘dark chamber.’ In its most simple understanding, a camera is a box with a small hole that allows light to fall on a surface that’s sensitive to light, like the film. The first permanent image was capture in 1825.

“She landed on my shoulder.”


“Grandfather and 3 brothers, circa 1940. Windsor, Ontario, Canada.”


“A dog in a blizzard.”


“Learning the hard way.”


“Cat performing black magic trick.”




From a permanent image, we move on to the cameras that we’re all familiar with: digital cameras on smartphones. The first phone with a camera was the Sharp J-SH04. The model was only released in Japan and commercially sold that, bragging its 0.11MP camera sensor.

“Just a typical family photo with our furbabies…”


“Years ago my brother lost his cellphone on a roller coaster. We figured there was no way to know when. Then she saw the ride photo…”


“The way my brother’s phone camera caught the flash of this lightning.”


“That’s slightly creepy.”