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20 Hilarious Pics Show How Some Families Function


20 Hilarious Pics Show How Some Families Function

They are the jesters of the family!

Every family functions differently and develop their own habits and culture that not everyone can necessarily relate to. Pictures often show bits of what lives are like for other families. Some enjoy a lot of pranks and jokes, others not so much. But both are still great family as long as everyone is comfortable and happy.

These Reddit users share some really fun moments with their families. Life is hard sometimes, but appreciating all the fun times is what’s important.

Friend gave his daughter this for birthday.


Our daughter pulled a knife on the hired princess at her 3rd birthday party.


Girlfriend wasn’t really impressed about the new pictures in our new frame.


Wife sent me a picture of our ‘depressed’ jacket while I’m at work.


The husband put the candles REALLY close.


How my son watched the TV this morning.


Daughter, 3, convinced camp counselor it was her birthday. She was treated like a princess all day, when her birthday was actually still 4 months away. We only found out weeks later.


A picture of my boyfriend bringing the cat into our pool. His idea.


My wife used a birthday card for 5 year old for my brother’s 35th birthday. With a bit of modifications, of course.


Daughter’s artwork titled ‘Moms Chatting After School’.


My payback for kid’s Zoom class for his interruptions on mine.


I’ve just realized my daughter’s handiwork and I can’t stop laughing now.


I was watching the ‘heat lightning’ in the backyard for 10 minutes and came in to see wife using big flash for son’s preschool artwork.


Asked husband about the table’s length. I received this.


Couldn’t figure out who among our kids put the phone in the toilet, until finding this in the album.


Counting 3 days and wife hasn’t realized, yet.


Husband took a picture of me cleaning my glasses this morning.


Me and husband are travelling with our baby, cat and dog. Couldn’t find our dog when we checked into a hotel and found him like this.


Was trying to take a picture of how my kid sleep and ended up with the greatest family cat picture.


Took daughter for a hike and let her pack her own gear. This is what she packed.


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